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The Legion of Steel is a neutral-aligned force which was founded by Sara Dunstan (Steel Brightblade's adoptive mother) four years after the Summer of Chaos that embody the virtues of courage, unity, and honor. The knighthood itself is dedicated to justice, based upon selflessness and mutual aid, in honor of the sacrifice made by Steel Brightblade in the Chaos War.


After the Chaos War, Sara learned of the reforming of the Knights of Takhisis. She visited them and learnt that under the leadership of Governor General Mirielle Abrena, they had lost almost all sense of honor and justice, having abandoned the teachings of Lord Ariakan. Sara then visited the Tomb of the Last Heroes, where Steel was buried. She received a vision from Steel about creating a new knighthood, which would serve to protect the people of Krynn. Sara then began to recruit warriors from both the Knights of Solamnia and Takhisis. These warriors had grown tired of the injustices in their knighthoods and sought to join an honorable force. In his honor, Sara then named the new knighthood, the Legion of Steel.

Solace was where the Legion of Steel Headquarters would be established, near the Tomb of the Last Heroes.

Its founder Sara Dunstan passed away in 398 AC and was succeeded by Silver Claw as the ruling High Elder of the Legion. Silver Claw is a powerful barbarian warrior and was one of Sara's first pupils. Sara may have passed on, yet she has left a legacy behind her that is proving to be one of the most powerful forces on Ansalon.

Cells & Circles

The Legion is comprised of covert cells & public circles, spread across Ansalon.

Covert cells have anywhere from 2-24 legionnaires, all operating under various guises and led by a senior officer. This cell leader will often liase with the public circle leader in order to further the goals of the Legion.

Public circles are offices and outposts in an area. These are the places where the Legion operates openly. Legion circles can contain anywhere from 40-80 knights. They are considered the safe-havens and strong houses of the knighthood.

Legion Rank Structure

In terms of ranks and orders, the Legion is one. The Legion value personal achievement over military rank, and therefore do not divide their members by having different orders (like the Knights of Solamnia and Knights of Takhisis).

Known Legionnaires


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