Lemish is a coastal nation in the south of Solamnia, trapped between the Kayolin Mountains and the Southern Daargard Mountains. They are due north of the Schallsea.

Population Edit

20 501 (humans 80%, hobgoblins 15%, draconians 5%)

Politic Edit

During the Age of Despair, it is under under the dictatorship of the Blue Lady Kitiara Uth Matar. They are at war against Solamnia and their best spies are sent to Solanthus, Garnet and Caergoth to learn the opponent weaknesses.

History Edit

Religion Edit

During the Age of Despair, many false local gods established their religion. Takhisis became the most important deity therafter.

Trade Edit

With Sanction, they trade timber and wood related goods. They also trade mushrooms and herbs.

Cities Edit

Lemish - Capital: During the Age of Despair, it is a small city with 10 873 inhabitants. It is under the rule of Lord Tyrian, a great fighter who is in a fact a doppelganger.

Caermish: It is a small town with 1204 inhabitants.

Castle Camlargo

Chisel: It is a hamlet with 131 inhabitants.


Dun Ringhill

Elmwood: It is a small town with 1677 inhabitants.

Fangoth: It is a large town with 2541 inhabitants.

Fearfold: It is a small town with 1034 inhabitants.


Pine Rift


Walmish: It is a small town of 1204 inhabitants.

Wayfold: It is a hamlet with 213 inhabitants.

Geography Edit

Caves of Darkness

Crusher's Bay

Darkwoods: It is the ancient home of many sylvan creatures, such as dryads and nymphs. There is also a tribe of Kagonesti elf.

Fang River

Godsfell Woods: It is inhabited by the Treeshredder tribe of hobgoblins.

Order of Majere Monastery

Salarain River

Southern Dargaard Mountains

Ruins Edit



Seven Gods Highway

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