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Leonid Althen (? AC - ? AC) was a male human who was the March Lord of the Rathwyck Marches, and a baron of the Imperial League. He was a proud and capable man who had come to power over the Marches around 319 AC. Leonid had two children by his wife, but some time after his second child was born, his wife passed away, leaving him a widower.

In 348 AC, Leonid was a middle-aged man who had black hair, streaked through with grey and had intense blue eyes. The nobleman had a neatly trimmed beard, and often wore silken doublets and hose of green and yellow, his family colours.

The baron often lead patrols throughout his realm, however by 348 AC, his resources were stretched due to the ongoing war between the League and Thenol, and the need for all nobles to supply troops for the war. The baron grew increasingly frustrated by the incursions of hunters into his private hunting reserve of Sharlan Park, which resulted in the deaths of three copper dragon hatchlings. An outraged baron finally had his chief forester Eldic recruit a group of adventurers to search the preserve and ferret out the hunters.


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