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Leylas (? AC – ? AC) was a male Minotaur who was one of the most renowned bounty hunters of the Imperial League during the Age of Despair. It is rumored that he was raised by wild animals and learned tracking skills from them, and was first seen in the city of Trilloman, cloaked in wolf furs. The wild minotaur was reportedly driven out of the city by the guards, but was seen later in Vinlans. By this time he was able to speak in his peoples' tongue, and was clothed a bit more normally. He soon became famed for his considerable tracking skills, and his ability to bring criminals to justice.

At one point, he was commissioned by the Emperor of the Imperial League to retrieve the Crown Prince, who had been kidnapped. Whilst a Centuria of Legion Imperius was unable to infiltrate the stronghold in which the kidnappers laird with the Crown Prince, Leylas managed to sneak into the fortress and retrieved the boy before anyone knew anything had happened.

Leylas was an arrogant and boastful minotaur, who had a strong love of money and detested being manipulated or controlled in any way. He had a small circle of friends, not least amongst them was Nelis Ringhorn.