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Liam Ehrling (332 AC - Late, 424 AC) was a Knight of the Rose who attained the rank of Grand Master. Liam never married nor had any children, being totally dedicated and married to the knighthood. It also being unknown who his mother or father was. His home castle though was Castle Kalstan on the Isle of Sancrist.

In his older years, he had strands of gray frosting the temples of his black-haired head, a proud chin, stern brow, dark and brooding eyes, and a long mustache. He had cold manners as his way of showing his love to the knighthood, and he viewed the world as black and white, lacking the compassion to view both sides of a coin. He was also very conservative concerning rigidity of the Measure.

War of the Lance

During the War of the Lance, Liam was a young Knight of the Crown under the command of Sturm Brightblade at the Battle of the High Clerist's Tower. The twenty-year-old Liam was inspired by the sacrifice of Sturm during this battle, and from that point on was determined to be the best knight he could be.

Age of Mortals

By the year 392 AC, Liam was now a high-ranking Knight as the High Justice, and was seated to the right hand of Lord Gunthar Uth Wistan, and his chosen protégé to become the next Grand Master. Liam's only problem with Gunthar, was that in his old age he felt Gunthar was being too lenient on the younger knights, allowing them to get away with far too much and should use the old Measure to enforce discipline amidst the young knights.

When there was talk of attacking the dragon Pyrothraxus to the north during a meeting, Liam suggests not angering him right now because he has left the Knights in peace. Once their numbers are sufficient enough to stand up against him, then they can think of attacking him. Following this, Gunthar said they could get more knights by combining with the Dark Knights.

When Gunthar suggested to combine with the Knights of Takhisis to better stabilize Ansalon against the Dragon Overlords, Liam was shocked and horrified at the thought, thinking his master had gone crazy. A few days later, Gunthar decided to go on a hunt for Mannjaeger, which Liam disagreed with, not trusting the Dark Knights that had come.

At Gunthar's funeral, his death record was testified by Knight of the Thorn Sir Travalyn Kesper, acknowledged by Knight of Solamnia Meredith Turningdale as Lord High Clerist, and two witnesses in Sir Liam and Sir Valian Escu. Following the death of Gunthar, there was a vote to see who would come to lead the two knighthoods, between Liam and Mirielle Abrena. Liam lost the election to Mirielle, but the Dark Knights tried to kill the Solamnics and take over their lands.

Liam led the Solamnics in repelling the Dark Knights from their island and in the process, learned compassion over the question whether to lay siege to Xenos where Tohr Malen was entrenched or to save Uhoh from the Draconians, deciding for the latter as the right thing to do, because it wouldn't have been a question if he were a human. To show his thanks to Valian Escu, he offered him to join with the Knights of Solamnia, which was turned down for fear of the elves hating the Solamnics for allowing a dark elf into the knighthood.

Post War of Souls

Following the War of Souls, Liam was based on Sancrist and never left the island. This allowed some of his own knights to make their own armies and carve up Solamnia following the War. There was nothing he could do when Jaymes Markham took control over the Knights on mainland Solamnia, and went to war with the half-giant. Just a few years after the War, Liam died of old age.

Titles and Nicknames

The younger knights call Liam "Old Stone Face", for if he gets angry; his features turn to a face of marble.


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