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The Lifescroll of Song is a compilation of folk songs and ballads compiled by Quivalen Soth during the Age of Dreams. It details the history of the Age of Starbirth, and is the main source of history about that time. A copy of the scroll was presented to Astinus near the end of the Age of Dreams. The scroll was later taken to the Great Library of Palanthas, and Astinus added the reliable parts to the Iconochronos.

Kender Tales[]

Dragonlance Adventures stated that a Silvanesti bard named Quevalin Soth compiled the scroll about the Age of Dreams. This statement is superceded by later sources in three ways:

  • Adventures calls the Krynn's first age the "Age of Dreams", while this same age is later more commonly called the "Age of Starbirth" (with the Age of Dreams becoming the second age of Krynn). Therefore, this scroll is actually about the Age of Starbirth.
  • Soth is Qualinesti in later sources.
  • 'Quevalin Soth' is a variant spelling of 'Quivalen Soth'.


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