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Lillith Hallmark (?AC - ?AC) is an Aesthetic from Solamnia. She is short and slender, with brown skin, has hazel eyes, and wild russet colored hair. She is the fourth daughter of Sir Eustace Hallmark.She never married.

During the time of the war of the Lance, a few Aesthetics from the Great Library returned to Tarsis to find the Library of Khrystan and begin work to restore it. Lillith Hallmark became its guardian, and began the laborious task of recreating a catalog of the books housed within the library, which was destroyed prior to the Cataclysm.

She eventually became one of the most influential Aesthetics in the Great Library of Palanthas, second only to Bertrem. She was known to be very fond of children and devised the idea of inviting them into the library to hear accounts of Krynn’s history.