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Livia the Shrewd (? AC - ? AC) was a female Gnomoi who was one of a band of heroes that foiled several dark plots in Taladas and was hailed as one of the foremost heroes of the continent in the latter part of the Age of Despair. She originally came from the Bilo Columns, but decided to take up the life of an adventurer, but joining with a trading expedition into Southern Hosk. On this expedition, she met the Glass Sailor Palissara, and the pair became firm friends and comrades in arms.

The Gnome had a dry wit, but was also deeply respected for her opinions. She was a wild spirit, who only barely kept herself out of fights, in order to advise her companions on the best course of action, or to bring her illusionist magic to bear. Livia often searched for knowledge of Chaldar, in the hope of helping her fellow gnomes somehow capture the tower.

In 348 AC, Livia had already joined with a band of fellow adventurers, when they were commissioned by Baron Leonid Althen to investigate some strange killings in Sharlan Park. The band found three Copper Dragon hatchlings had been killed, and went in pursuit of the dragon hunters, with the baron's daughter Derry Althen in tow. They were soon joined by the Dragon Knight Tavin Longspear and his mount Gabus, and the group tracked the hunters down to Pillars of the Moons, a site on the edges of the Steamwall Mountains. On defeating the hunters, their leader Anishta revealed that the plot to kill Dragons was widespread and that the true intent was to undermine the Gold Dragon Amanthus. The adventurers visited Amanthus in Cloud Mesa, warning him of the plot, and the dragon in turn asked for the heroes to uncover the leader of the dragon hunters.

Shortly after, the heroes met with Tavin in the village of Trilon, where they learnt that the criminal Gezele Ella had something to do with the plot, and was known to be in contact with the leader of the dragon hunters. The heroes insinuated themselves into Gezele's good graces, posing as mercenaries, and ultimately travelling to Kor Island to meet her master, along with her Goblin comrade Grott. On Kor Island, the heroes faced Chorahh and Drishurocol, the leaders of the hunters, and defeated them in battle. However they also learnt on freeing the captured Tavin, that Erestem was the true master behind the dark plots against Amanthus and the good dragons. Using a portal, the adventurers tried to enter another plane to learn more of Erestem's plan, however they were accidentally trapped when Derry Althen mistakenly destroyed the portal.

In 349 AC, the heroes found themselves in the Demiplane of Eborium, where they encountered an avatar of Udras the Alchemist, who requested that they recover the magical Cindergems to undermine the scheming of Erestem. The heroes recovered all the cindergems and then defeated a large host of Erestem's lieutenants in battle. Udras was revealed as actually being Sargonnas, and the dark god tried to usurp Erestem, but was in turn defeated himself. Erestem's plot however was foiled, and the Othlorx were able to muster a large army to put down the remainder of Erestem's forces that tried to conquer Taladas.

Livia and her comrades were hailed as heroes by the Othlorx and the people of Taladas, and were given a sizable reward by Amanthus for their efforts.


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