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Lorac Caladon (ca. 100 PC - 351 AC ) was born of unknown parentage, and was a family member of the Silvanesti Royal Family. His father might have been the eighth Speaker of the Stars Maradoc Caladon. Lorac was married to Iranialathlethsala and together they had one child named Alhana Starbreeze, whom they spoiled and pampered. Lorac was known to have been fair skinned and handsome, with blonde-white hair and hazel eyes.

Early Life

Not much was known about Lorac's early life. It was seen that he had an aptitude for magic at a young age though. He was known to have been strong and robust, and very intelligent with one of the best educations of all the Silvanesti Elves. Sometime before the year 39 PC, Lorac became the next Speaker of the Stars.

Lorac went to the Tower of High Sorcery at Istar to take his Test. While there, the Dragon Orb spoke with him convincing him to take the orb back with him to Silvanesti when he left. So following his Test, which he passed, Lorac secreted the orb in a leather sack and took it with him to Silvanesti. He hid the orb deep below in chambers beneath the Tower of the Stars.

Post Cataclysm

Following the destructive force of the Cataclysm, Lorac ordered the borders of his realm closed to all non-Silvanesti Elves. When envoys from their cousins the Qualinesti came seeking assistance against the raiders and the starvation in their nation, Lorac coldly rebuked them. Stating that it was their own fault for being punished for allowing non-elves in their nation.

War of the Lance

In 348 AC, Lorac Caladon, welcomed emissaries from Ariakas who was the leader of the fearsome Dragonarmies. At this time, Lorac agreed to not become involved in the War of the Lance, and in return Ariakas promised that his troops would not invade Silvanesti.

By the year 349 AC though, Lorac saw his nation invaded by the Highlord Phair Caron, commander of the Red Wing, and so began what was termed The Silvanesti Campaign. Lorac saw that the elves were about to be totally overrun, and so ordered the full evacuation of Silvanesti. As his people fled to Southern Ergoth by land and sea, Lorac put his hands upon the Dragon Orb to try and stop the dragons from destroying all. However instead the Dragon Orb took control of Lorac's mind and unleashed his nightmares onto the land since Lorac wasn't powerful enough to control the orb and it took control of him.

Lorac's Nightmare

For the next two years, Lorac watched as his lands were destroyed and the orb summoned the green dragon Cyan Bloodbane who then warped Lorac's mind with Lorac's Nightmare. During this time, Cyan tried to get Lorac to kill his only daughter Alhana, but it was the one thing that he could never bring himself to do.

Finally, in 351 AC, Alhana brought some adventurers to the elven kingdom and successfully freed Lorac from his tortured existence, chasing off Cyan. Lorac was only able to wake once and ask his daughter to lead the people. He then told her he was dying and that he wanted to be buried at the base of one of the Aspen Trees. Alhana honors his wishes and buries him under a tree. The tree located in Silvanost, changed back to a normal tree even though the rest of the land was trapped in the Nightmare.