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Losarcum, also known as the City of Stone and originally known as Qim Sudri, served as the capital of Dravinaar for many years. Founded by the strongest tribes of desert riders from the Sea of Shifting Sands, Losarcum is situated in a maze of canyons called the Sun's Anvil or the Tears of Mishakal. The city's buildings are carved out of sandstone and constructed in a hollowed-out mesa except for the Tower of High Sorcery at Losarcum, which was raised from the earth by black robed wizards. The city was known for its pleasures of wine and song. Before the city was taken over by the Empire of Istar, it was also known for its women, who went topless in public.

The capital of Qim Sudri was thrown into chaos after the Third Dragon War, as the nation of Dravinaar fell into steady decline and civil wars erupted. When the armies of Istar arrived to conquer the city in 838 PC, they entered practically unchallenged by the Losarcines. The nation of Dravinaar became one of many city-states ruled by Istar, and Ardosean II renamed the capital to Losarcum. The dark temples which formerly dotted the city streets were torn down and replaced with temples to the gods of light. The palace of the former Khan of Qim Sudri was turned into the home of the Governor of Losarcum. The Tower of High Sorcery at Losarcum was still inhabited, though its members cast spells to give it the appearance of being abandoned, and had a magical grove to protect it against intruders.

After years of conflict and troubles, the Kingpriest of Istar, Beldinas Lightbringer lifted the spells of cloaking on the Tower of Losarcum and decreed that the wizards leave the tower. The mages refused and ultimately in 19 PC the armies of Istar launched an assault upon the tower. The resulting battle, which was but one of many wars during the period known as the Lost Battles, destroyed both the Tower of High Sorcery, and the city of Losarcum itself. The explosive blast of the tower led to the mesa's collapse, which buried the city under tons of sandstone (which the buildings of Losarcum were all made of). All that was left of the tower was a pool of black glass with many chasms throughout the city, and no living creatures in the ruins. When magic was released from the tower, nearby animals were mutated by the magic.

The ruins of Losarcum and the Tower lie in present-day Goodlund, and have vanished even further following the creation of the Desolation during the Age of Mortals.

Buildings of Losarcum

Roads and Streets of Losarcum


  • Cloth-Dyers Guild


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