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The Loyal Families were part of the Children of Aurim, and were a group of refugees from the province of Styrllia that were led out of the Aurim Empire by Kristophus directly after the Great Destruction.

During the trek to find a new home, many problems and dangers were encountered and a number of the people grew restless and even openly revolted against having Kristophus as leader. The Loyal Families were the followers of Kristophus that remained true to their leader and supported him on their journey. On founding the town of Kristophan, the Loyal Families were rewarded with the property of the Rebels, those followers who had made trouble for Kristophus, and were made exempt from a number of different taxes.

The Loyal Families lived well under Kristophus, until the coming of the Minotaurs. The invaders killed Kristophus and a number of the Loyal Families. A few more savvy of the families instead betrayed Kristophus and allied with the minotaurs, and were allowed to keep their status. A number of the other Loyal Families who instead defended the town and survived were made into slaves, the lowest class in the empire.


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