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Lucy Torkay (? - ? AC) was born the daughter of Kethril Torkay and Ellse Torkay, and was the older sister to two younger sisters. She also had one half-sister in a Sirine that Kethril fathered. In 421 AC, Ulin and Lucy were married in the city of Solace, following their adventures in Flotsam. She has always supported her family since her father left them in 411 AC. One of her skills she picked up from her father was being very good at card games.

Lucy was not considered beautiful, being stocky, large featured, with a round face, and a smile that radiated humor and joy and caused dimples on both of her freckled covered cheeks. She was a proud person who had rolling laughter, chestnut colored hair, a very low temperament, but her green eyes turn a gray-green color when she does get angry.

Academy of Sorcery[]

She started out in the Academy of Sorcery studying with Ulin. When magic started leaving Krynn, Lucy decided to leave so she could support her family, but when Beryl sent her forces against the Academy, she stayed behind with Ulin Majere to defend it. Together they escaped from the explosion that happened.

After Ulin's young wife and two children died of plague and he destroyed the Academy of Sorcery to stop Beryl's forces, Lucy was the only one who held him back from the despair that was about to overtake him. They declared their love for each other and shortly thereafter Ulin asked Lucy to marry him.

Sheriff of Flotsam[]

On a cool spring day in 421 AC, a Dwarf from Flotsam by the name of Chalcedony Rockdale paid a visit to Lucy and her family to inform them that Kethril Torkay was killed in a fire and they needed someone to come identify his body. Lucy agreed to go and Ulin was going to go with her.

While on her way there, Lucy took her first ship ride and she got extremely sea sick. The ship ended up sinking, but they were able to catch a ride with a Khur caravan led by Akkar-bin on his way to Flotsam. While enroute, they were attacked by Draconians and Lucy was able to use some magic and infuse a spell into some eggs, which she threw at the draconians and barely hit them but killed them in the process. Little did she know that this name would get ahead of her.

Shortly upon arriving, Lucy was offered the position of Sheriff of Flotsam, but she had to turn it down. While she was in the city with her new horse that she attained from Akkar-bin, Knights of Neraka arrived and accused her of horse stealing. The city council was able to buy the horse from Lady Jesic Venturin, after she found out that Lucy was the new Sheriff.

At her coronation ceremony, Notwen the Gnome gives the Vizier's Turban to assist her in her spell use. Quickly after becoming Sheriff, she quickly starts to bring order to the city of all the bandits there. Ulin and her heard that her father was in a nearby pirate cove. So Ulin and Notwen went after him to bring him back for justice.

Ulin brought Kethril back to Flotsam, and together they explained a plan to play the greatest game of Dragon's Bluff against Fyremantle by stealing his horde and then threatening to tell Malys about the rest of the gold. Just before they met with Fyremantle, Ulin and Lucy became lovers. They were able to trap and then convince Fyremantle to stay away from Flotsam.

Following the battle, Lucy learns that she really does care for her father and that he is very proud of her. She resigns her position as sheriff and returned to Solace with Ulin to get married with both of their families around them.


Some nicknames that she was called that weren't very nice were Plump Lucy or Plain Lucy so the other students at the Academy could distinguish her from another Lucy.


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