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Machunestoo is what the sea elves call the collective territories of merfolk near Watermere in the Courrain Ocean. The word Machunestoo means “Lands of the fish-people” in the Elvish Language. It is split into two territories: Wibmachgloonestu and Wobmachgloonestu.

The merfolk of Machunestoo live in tribes each led by their own chieftain. Groups of tribes form clans. The Sea King rules over all the clans of both territories from a large city in Wibmachgloonestu.

The two territories are not connected. For the merfolk to communicate and trade with each other they must either cross dangerous koalinth territory or pay high taxes to the Dargonesti to use the Corridor of Glory of Watermere.

Age of Dreams[]

In 1320 PC, Sagarassi and her allies of koalinths, lacedons, Sea Dragons, and amphi dragons invaded Watermere. The merfolk entered an alliance with the sea elves and humans against Sagarassi in a war that lasted 120 years until Sagarassi’s eventual defeat.

Age of Despair[]

In 348 AC, Sargarassi again attacked Watermere and the merfolk joined the sea elves again. During this war, the Dargonesti captured land from the koalinth that they later called the Corridor of Glory.

After the war, the merfolk wanted access to the Corridor of Glory because it gave them a safe route between their two territories. The Dargonesti allowed them access to the corridor if they paid heavy taxes. While the merfolk recognized the sea elves’ sacrifice to get the corridor, they began to feel hostile toward them for limiting their access to it. They began to make alliances with some of the human settlements of the Fellowship of Coral that paid rent to the sea elves. The merfolk hoped that a show of an alliance will force the Dargonesti to lower taxes to the corridor and give them access to a few of their favorite islands.

Age of Mortals[]

After the gods left, the Dargonesti sent out ambassadors and set up closer ties with their merfolk and triton neighbors.



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