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Magius (? PC – 1018 PC) was a male Human of Solamnia that was one of the mightiest wizards of his day, and one of the most well known mages in the entire history of Krynn. He was lithe and tall, and gifted with handsome features that gave him a noble air. Magius had long blond hair that was likened to a golden mane, which he often kept braided to keep out of his face, and intense blue eyes. He wore the colored robes of the various orders he served in, except for his tenure as a Renegade Mage. Whilst operating outside of the wizardly orders, he wore blue and gold robes, with a white cape, and soft leather hip boots.

For all his power and sarcasm, Magius was privately a very insecure individual, who openly ridiculed the Knights of Solamnia and teased his best friend Huma, as a means of hiding his own insecurities. As a means of overcoming his insecurities, he sought to learn and improve his magic constantly. Magius was also sometimes moody and brooding, which overcame his mischievous side and made him very standoffish.

Early Life[]

In his youth, Magius was close friends with a young Solamnic boy known as Huma. Whilst Huma took steps towards becoming a Knight of Solamnia, Magius dreamt of becoming a great War Wizard. Magius was headstrong and often experimented with magic, leading him to ever greater heights of knowledge, but also causing him to wonder about abandoning the paths of High Sorcery. However he continued his studies with gusto and enthusiasm, proving himself as a prodigy at magic, eventually taking the Test of High Sorcery.

During the Test, Magius was shown the one thing he was unable to accept, the details of how and when he would die in the future. Unknown to the mage, this future death was merely a detailed fabrication, created to teach the egotistical mage some humility; however the young mage strongly believed it to be the truth. Also during his Test, Magius had a vision of a mountain which would apparently prove crucial to ending the Third Dragon War. Magius passed the Test and first wore the Black Robes, then the Red Robes, seeking out means to prevent his death. However both were far too restrictive and didn't allow him the means to do so. Magius then turned away from the Orders of High Sorcery and took up the life of a renegade mage instead, seeking out more power and the ability to avoid his death.

The Disciple of Galan Dracos[]

Magius understood that to become a renegade mage, meant to possibly call down the wrath of the Wizards of High Sorcery, and sought out Galan Dracos to protect and help him. The renegade's power was recognised, and he ultimately served at the right-hand of Galan Dracos, the most powerful mage under the master renegade wizard. However in the shadow of Dracos, Magius realised that he would not escape his fate and decided to again follow his own path.

At some point in his career, Magius faced off against the Red Dragon Immolatus. The mage wielded the Staff of Magius against the beast, almost slaying Immolatus, and forced the dragon to flee for his life. The dragon swore revenge against Magius or his descendants, but was unable to fulfil his vow.

Third Dragon War[]

In 1018 PC, Magius found himself fleeing from the minions of Galan Dracos in the realm of Solamnia, where he came across his friend Huma. Using Huma as a decoy, Magius was able to escape the dreadwolves. He later appeared again to Huma and his comrade, Kaziganthi de-Orilg, leading them both to the safety of his citadel, located in a secluded grove in the lands of Ergoth. Magius and Kaz took an instant dislike to one another, which led to bickering and arguments throughout their time together, although they maintained a level of civility for the sake of their mutual friend Huma.

At the Citadel of Magius, the wizard explained to Huma how he had become a renegade mage, however his explanation was interrupted by an attack by Crynus and a flights of Chromatic Dragons. Magius sent Huma and Kaz to safety, whilst he fought the dragons with his magic. Eventually the mage fled to safety, shedding the blue robes for the guise of a Red Robe, and found Huma in Caergoth. In the Ergothian city, Magius used his magic to confuse Guy Avondale and his men, whilst he led his friend away. The pair met with the Solamnic knight Buoron, who led them to a nearby outpost of the knights. At the outpost, Magius and Huma learnt that the Minotaur Kaz had been captured, and a surly Magius grudgingly let his friend free Kaz and allow the minotaur to continue with them on their journey. The trio reached the Last Gaard Mountains, where Huma disappeared. Magius revealed to an angry Kaz that during his Test, he received a vision that the mountains held a great gift from Paladine, but that he would be killed by a guardian when he reached the treasure. So instead he sent his friend Huma in his place to die, so the mage could freely acquire the relic and cheat death. On realising that he was unable to find this great gift himself, a remorseful Magius broke down as he realised he had betrayed his one true friend.

When Huma reappeared, the mage realised the vision during his Test was not real, and pledged his loyalty to Huma, who forgave his friend. With the arrival of a Silver Dragon who told the group that she had recovered the Dragonlances that Huma discovered in the mountains, Magius and Kaz were entrusted with driving the wagon containing the lances. Huma and the dragon took to the skies to patrol the area, whilst the minotaur and mage took to the road, where they met up with the knight Buoron once more. On the road, the Black Guard ambushed the party, whilst Magius did his best to drive off their enemies with his magic. The wizard fought valiantly and whilst he assisted Huma, Kaz and Buoron in preventing the wagon of Dragonlances from falling into the hands of the enemy, Magius himself was captured and pulled into a portal which led to the domain of Galan Dracos.

The master renegade tortured Magius, who had reverted to wearing the White Robes, and sent a magical vision to Huma, showing the knight as he slew Magius with foul magic. The body of Magius was then sent to Huma, who mourned over the loss of his friend, but swore to cherish his sacrifice and defeat Galan Dracos in his friend's name.

Beyond the War[]

Huma did indeed go on to defeat Takhisis and Galan Dracos, and his name went down in the history books. The Knights of Solamnia venerated the knight, and barely mentioned the mage who fought by his side. However the Wizards of High Sorcery spoke of the wizard Magius with pride, and it was due to his sacrifice that mages are now allowed to carry daggers in battle. The Wizards of High Sorcery consider Magius one of the greatest wizards to have ever wielded magic, the mage who ultimately wore the robes of all orders, black, red, and in his final hour, the White Robes of Solinari.


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