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For the family, see Majere Family.

Majere (mah-jeer) represents the divine power of discipline, seeking to improve the soul through hard work, practice, and austerity. He works more as a mentor than a savior, teaching mortals to look within themselves for enlightenment.

Majere was called from Beyond by the High God to serve as counselor to Paladine and the other gods of Good. On the continent of Taladas, Majere is considered the female version of Paladine. No images of either Paladine or Majere exist on the continent.

Paladine's Secret[]

In 422 AC, Majere communed with his monk Rhys Mason, asking him to not engage in the act of revenge and pursue his brother Lleu Mason, who slew Rhys' fellow monks. Majere also told Rhys that Lleu was one of the Beloved of Chemosh and could not be harmed, however Rhys instead turned away from Majere. Later Rhys returned to worshipping Majere once more.

The god tried to stay out of the conflict raging between both the gods as they fought for supremacy in the pantheon, and also between the worshippers of the gods. However Zeboim visited him in his temple, trying to learn secrets about the mortal Mina which all the gods wanted to learn. Majere finally revealed that he had known about the origins of Mina for eons, a secret which he pledged to Paladine he would not reveal. However Majere chose to finally reveal that Mina was in truth, a god of light, who was convinced by Takhisis that she was both mortal and a servant of darkness. He also confessed to the fact that during the Age of Starbirth, when the world of Krynn was first forged, at the behest of Paladine and Mishakal, he took Mina beneath the waves, rocked her to sleep and put her into an eternal slumber, so the other gods would never learn of her and try to destroy her.


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