Majere is the God of Faith. Majere represents hard work, practice, and discipline. He teaches that enlightenment within mortals must be obtained through those virtues. He is also known as the Mantis God or Mantis of the Rose, because when his holy symbol is cast upon the ground by one of his followers, it is said to become a swarm of insects that fight for their owner. He believes the way for the soul to become better is through discipline and hard work. Majere is seen as distant and separate. He encourages mortals to look within for enlightenment, rather than turn to worldly desires and material goods. His knowledge of the High God's Celestial Plan surpasses that of Gilean. Majere is not a blood relation to any of the other Dragonlance Gods, but he acts as an advisor to Paladine, the highest god of good. On Taladas, Majere is viewed as the female side of Paladine. His influence on the world is constant but subtle. He often gives counsel to the other Gods of Light in times of crisis. He is appreciated by all the Gods of Good, advising Paladine, Kiri-Jolith, and Mishakal. He rarely interacts with Branchala or Habbakuk, and counts among the Gods of Neutrality Gilean, Shinare, and Zivilyn his allies. His symbols are the praying mantis, a rose, and a copper spider. In the night sky over Krynn, he may be viewed as the constellation known as the Rose.

Patron Hood

He has few faithful compared to the other gods, but does have a following of monks. Majere also lends his name to the Majere family, one of the most famous families on Krynn.

Other Names

  • The Great Majere
  • Master of the Mind
  • Dreamsender
  • Manthus
  • Metheri
  • Nadir the Dreamsender.
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