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Malkis (? AC- ? AC) was a male Bilo Gnome that was the emissary of the city of Ilmach. He had a long white beard that trailed down to his knees and was tied in a knot so he didn't trip on it, and his face was covered with wrinkles. Malkis' eyes were a pale milky color, and he walked with the assistance of a black iron staff with an amethyst pyramid atop it.

His more detailed name (which was still not his full name) that he gave out to outsiders was Malkistarandimnordishtankiro.

In 425 AC, Malkis led Shedara, Hult, Nakhil and Azar Forlo into the city of Ilmach, where he brought them before Algando, ruler of the city. Malkis then took the companions to the shipyards of Ilmach, where he sent them on their way aboard a fireship to make their trek to the heart of Hitehkel, to put an end to the plans of Maladar an-Desh.


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