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Maquesta Kar-Thon (Born: 326 AC) was born the only daughter of an Ergothian Human Melas Kar-Thon and a Silvanesti Elf named Mi-al. Maquesta was known to be tall, lithe with ebony skin, eyes and curling hair the shade of midnight, and had golden earrings that nearly hang to her shoulders. Most of the Minotaur race she has no use for, she prefers reading as a way to escape from life rather than drinking, and can read and write both Common and Elvish, and learned some Minotaur from her friend Bas Ohn-Koraf.

Early Life[]

Maquesta was born and raised on a ship named the Perechon. This was her father's dream ship. For four years, Maq, her father and mother lived on this ship with her mother living in hiding. In 330 AC, things became really scary for elves living around the Blood Sea of Istar with a bounty on their head. Mi-al disappeared at this time and her father had her ears shortened to look like humans to hide the fact of her elven blood. In 338 AC was the year that Maquesta was allowed to pilot the Perechon for the first time by herself as her father watched on.

Captain of the Perechon[]

In 344 AC, Maq's father placed a bet and lost with his ship then being sold to a minotaur named Attat Es-Divaq. Maq watched as her father, Melas, was thrown into prison and would not be allowed out unless Maq brought a Morkoth back to Attat in the allotted amount of time. Her father though was too feeble and he passed away, and with his last dieing breath formally made her the Captain of the Perechon. So for the next four years, she would do sailing jobs as they came.

War of the Lance[]

During the War of the Lance, she was known to be a pirate captain and often times can outrun and of the Highlord's ships. Early on she hired a strange man by the name of Berem, whom later they learn was being hunted by Takhisis. In 352 AC, she sets sail with the Heroes of the Lance on board and they learn the true identity of Berem. Kitiara Uth Matar chases down the Perechon and Maq has her ship sailed into the Maelstrom. All hands sink with the ship, and most of the crew along with Maq are rescued by Dargonesti Elves.

While resting in the ruins of Istar, Maq and her crew assist Apoletta and Zebulah in their quest to discover what sort of terrors are going on below the waves. She returns to the surface with her crew and finds that the Perechon was spit back up and found on a far shore. Sailors termed the ship 'unsinkable' after that.

Summer of Chaos[]

During the Summer of Chaos, Maq and her loyal crew along with Lendle Chafka are still sailing the Blood Sea. While on the sea, a major squall hits the ship and only due to Lendle's rowing machine on the ship were they all able to save the ship and limp her back into port at Cuda for repairs.

Age of Mortals[]

Following this it is unknown what became of her, but it is assumed that she is still sailing the seas looking for the next job.


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