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Marcus Cadrio (? - 357 AC ) was formerly a mercenary, who was elevated to the rank of Highmaster, upon entering the Dragonarmies with his companions Lucien of Takar, Zanark Kreiss, and Finion Pel. Cadrio was often considered Lucien's right-hand man and the obvious successor, should Lucien ever fall. With the defeat of the Dragonarmies in Neraka, Lucien led his fragmented forces clear, along with some of his key officers. The death of Zanark Kreiss, and disappearance of Finion Pel, led to the promotion of officers to the role of Highmaster that Lucien did not trust as much as his former comrades. Ambitious minds plotted and under the leadership of Golias killed Lucien. In retribution, his loyal Highmaster Cadrio then killed Golias and mustered the Black Dragonarmy under his own rule. In deference and respect to his former master, Marcus Cadrio never claimed the title of Highlord.

In 357 AC, Cadrio led the remnant Dragonarmy forces on an assault on Gwynned, utilizing the power of a couple of Flying Citadels. However the power of several mages and Metallic Dragons led to the destruction of one flying citadel. Cadrio had his depleted force leave the area, and with the assistance of the mage Valkyn, they raise a new and more powerful flying citadel from the ruins of Castle Atriun. Cadrio grew increasingly annoyed with following the orders of his ally Valkyn, and organized his two chief officers, Zander and Timinion, to cut down the mage. Valkyn learnt of the plot and killed Timinion as a warning to Cadrio. The Highmaster agreed to comply with Valkyn's wishes and serve him... for a time.

After a series of further battles and deceptions between Cadrio and Valkyn, the flying citadel was boarded by a group of adventurers, including the Ergothian soldier Bakal. The soldier grappled with Cadrio, and the Highmaster fell out of a window of the flying citadel and plunged to his death. With the death of Cadrio, the surviving forces of the Black Dragonarmy fell apart and disbanded permanently.

In 357 AC, Cadrio was still a slender and well-built soldier, who had the bearing of a fencer. His brown hair was streaked with grey and thinning, and he kept it long and neatly falling down to his shoulders. Cadrio was always clean-shaven and had the look of a well-prepared military officer about him. His subordinates always knew he was not a man to be crossed, and it was said that a hint of madness lurked behind his eyes.