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Marencetta (? – ? AC) was a young female Child of the Sea Mystic. She had large blue-green eyes, bluish skin, and a thin mouth. Her fingers were slightly webbed. Marencetta loved the sea and also helped those in need.

Marencetta's mother was a Human fisherman's widow that fell in love with a mysterious sailor. After Marencetta's mother became pregnant with her, the sailor disappeared.

Early Life[]

Marencetta grew up in a fishing village near Crossing along the New Sea.

Pre War of Souls[]

Before the War of Souls, Marencetta grew older and began to feel the pull of the sea which is natural for her race. She denied these feelings so she could stay and help her sick mother. During this time she met a traveling mystic in Crossing. The mystic saw potential in Marencetta and taught her Mysticism.

Post War of Souls[]

Marencetta's mother died after the war and this left Marencetta free to embrace the sea. She left in search of her father and other Children of the Sea.

At some point Marencetta befriended an Aquatic Dragon named Anemone. They worked together to defend ships from the increase of Dragon Turtles in the Straits of Schallsea.