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Marsval Solarzz (? AC - ? AC) was a male Human that was the eldest son of the patriarch of the House of Solarzz, and a noble soldier. Marsval was entrusted with the Blackgem by his father, who was fearful of the ever-increasing attempts by Lord Bylarr to recover the destructive gem from their keep. Marsval set out with some of his soldiers to place the Blackgem in a place that Lord Bylarr and his men could never reach it. However in 22 AC, en route to secreting the Blackgem away, Bylarr's soldiers killed Marsval's men and critically wounded the noble as well, leaving him for dead.

The men of the Genyei clan found the dying Marsval and brought him back to their home to ease his pain as best they could. Miisia Genyei went to Marsval's side and unknowingly used magical healing power to cure the soldier completely. Shocked at her newly revealed powers, Miisia ran away, and a grateful Marsval followed her. The pair unknowingly avoided an attack by Lord Bylarr on the Genyei clan's home, although they both soon learnt of the destruction and headed into the mountains to escape.

In the northernmost mountains of the Tamire, Miisia and Marsval came across a group of Merkitsa Elves, led by the elf Kyyy. Miisia healed the disease that ravaged Kyyy's body, and the elven chieftain then had his elves accompany Miisia and Marsval to the summit they journeyed towards. At the Temple of the Masters of Light and Dark, Marsval witnessed Bylarr use the Blackgem to animate the temple elemental to raze his foes. However Miisia laid her hands upon the elemental, healing him of the corrupting influence of Bylarr. The freed corruptive forces killed Bylarr and then the entire summit was healed from the corruption that had formerly shrouded it. Marsval was pleased to see Miisia finally accept that her healing skills were no curse, but a blessing of the gods.


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