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The Master of the Tower of Losarcum was the leader of the Wizards of High Sorcery at the Tower of High Sorcery at Losarcum. Originally the tower was led by Black Robe Wizards but after 35 PC this changed.

Before Qim Sudri became Losarcum the title would be the Master of the Tower of Qim Sudri.

Past Masters of the Tower of Losarcum[]

  • Grall Bonefist (? - ? PC) was the wizard that led the spell to erect the tower.
  • Moranda (? – 1660 PC) through scheming brokered an alliance between the tower and the Sudrin. She later served as Highmage.
  • Alasto (? - ? PC) was the master during the Third Dragon War.
  • Caradoc (Circa 103 PC99 PC) was killed by his fellows for rejecting the idea of taking over Ardosean IV’s mind before he won the Three Thrones’ War.
  • Khadar (? PC – 20 PC) was a Red Robe that was the last master of the tower.