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Memory Mirrors are objects that Lord Soth had made for him by the Illusionist Tindafalus. Soth can enter the six magical mirrors and relive and change events from his past on Krynn. The oval mirrors are six feet high and three feet wide. The iron frame is shaped with intertwining roses complete with thorns. Anyone looking into them will see their reflection, although the throne room behind them is gone. Instead what is seen is an image of the scene inside the mirror. The mirrors are located in the throne room of Nedargaard Keep.

Soth spent so much time in the mirrors that the land of Sithicus started to dissolve into the mists, and the populace started to lose their memories. Anyone can enter the mirrors along with any equipment they have on their person, although clothing and equipment will be altered to fit the events within the mirror. A ghostly image of those who enter is left outside the mirror which cannot be harmed.

The Scenes Inside the Mirrors[]

A note on the scenes inside the mirrors. The events that happen inside the mirrors are not what truly happened on Krynn. They are just fantasies of Lord Soth, changed to suit his needs.

  • Mirror #1 – This is a fantasy of Lord Soth’s rescue of the Lady Isolde from a band of Ogres.
  • Mirror #2 – This is a fantasy of Soth’s trial before the Council of Knights for the murder of Lady Korinne Gladria.
  • Mirror #3 – This is a fantasy of how Lord Soth might have confronted the Kingpriest of Istar and prevented the Cataclysm.
  • Mirror #4 – This is a fantasy were Soth is reliving his attack on the city of Palanthas.
  • Mirror #5 – In this fantasy, Lord Soth tries to win the heart of Kitiara during a contest of might among other knights.
  • Mirror #6 – In this fantasy, Lord Soth journey across the Abyss to claim the soul of Kitiara from Takhisis.


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