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Mercadior Redic VI (ca. 414 AC) is the sixth in the Redic line of the Emperors of Northern Ergoth. Redic VI came to power sometime during the Age of Mortals, with the death of his father Redic V. The current emperor desires to make Ergoth one of the great nations of Ansalon again, and allied with the Solamnics, setting up bases for them throughout Northern Ergoth, so they could protect his land and his people from the Dark Knights. The emperor also sought to bring the provinces of Sikk'et Hul and Ackal Province under a tighter level of control.

However Redic VI was never greatly popular with his people as they believed his desire to regain the glory of Ergoth, which cause him to hand over too much control to the Solamnics. Mercadior has four children: 3 sons and a daughter named Mercidith Redic.


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