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Princess Mercidith Redic (? - ? AC) was a Ergothian Human female Mystic. Mercy, as friends called her, was the only daughter of the Emperor of Ergoth Mercadior Redic VI. She had three older brothers. Mercy had dark hair and ice blue eyes. She typically kept her hair in elaborate braids. Her skin was olive in color and her frame was small and delicate. While an aristocrat she is not snobbish and treats everyone equally.

She possessed a magical stiletto and a magical brooch of renown.

Early Life[]

Since Mercy was a child she has been able to see spirits. She befriended one of the spirits named Lord Julius.

Citadel of Light[]

Mercy was invited to study at the Citadel of Light by Goldmoon. Under the advisement of her father and Lord Julius, Mercy decided this was something she must do before she was married. When she left her father gave her a magical stiletto that used to belong to another emperor's daughter long ago. It was used to protect the woman from the Ackalites. Mercy was accompanied on this journey by her spirit friend Julius, a chamber maid, a chaperone, five bodyguards, and a Citadel Guardian named Daneel Warnoc who has sworn to protect her.

At the Citadel in 416 AC, Mercy studied the mystic sphere of spiritualism. She was captured for a short time by Dark Knights under the direction of the Qué-Nal shaman Shadowwalker. Also another time, she was possessed by the spirit of Joss Hekar and called herself the Green Man until she was saved by a group of adventurers.

Silver Hearts[]

At some point Mercy returned to Northern Ergoth. She started the mystic organization called the Silver Hearts and had the Shrine of the Heart made in Gwynned.

War of Souls[]

During the War of Souls, Mercy caused some concern with her claims of seeing the souls of the dead.


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