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Male Gildanesti
Alignment: CG

Mercuos Wenzalis (Mer-koo'-ohs Wehn'-zal-ihs) (5/2/212 AD – 11/28/342 AD) is a Gildanesti who's bloodline was so strongly elven he could often pass as a Corinesti. He fell in love with a Corinesti woman named Oceayna, and in 342 AD Oceayna gave birth to his daughter Kistaynlas Wenzalis. However when Oceayna learned he was a small part human, she ended their relationship. Initially she took their daughter with her, but then she abandoned her. Mercuos was then falsely convicted of drowning a man near his home when in fact Oceayna framed him. The man had actually drowned when his boat was capsized during a recent storm. None of this was discovered, and Mercuos was swiftly hung.