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Merinsaard (ca. ?- 347 AC ) was a powerful warrior who rose to power in the Dragonarmies during their formative years. Rising to claim a seat of power as something of a quartermaster general for the dark forces. The fierce warrior was awarded the rank of Dragon Highlord at this point in time, however it is unknown which Dragonarmy he served.

Merinsaard was known to have been a tall, pale skinned, powerful looking man, with a face that was hard and expressionless and had a massive brow. He had long, smooth locks of white hair that went past his shoulders, but was not old in age.

Pre-War of the Lance[]

In 346 AC, Merinsaard had claimed several tenets of land within Solamnia, and even resided within Vingaard Keep to establish supply routes for the Dragonarmies. With a score of soldiers to assist him, the self-styled Lord of Bayarn, gathered as much in the way of food, arms and supply lines as was possible, without drawing the notice of the Knights of Solamnia.

During 347 AC, the warlord was still gathering food and arms for the Dragonarmies, when a group of herders brought their cattle to sell to the great lord. Merinsaard cheated the herders, confiscated their cattle and threatened them. A young warrior by the name of Sturm Brightblade had been traveling with the herders and defended them before being overwhelmed. Sturm parlayed with Merinsaard, and with the aid of the young girl Tervy, managed to knock Merinsaard unconscious. Sturm then donned the Highlord's armor and prepared to flee the camp. The Highlord used arcane magic to polymorph himself into a horse, pretending to be his own steed Mai-Tat. Sturm, pretending to be the warlord, fled the camp on Mai-Tat, not realizing that it was Merinsaard he was truly riding towards the ruins of Castle Brightblade.

On reaching the castle, Merinsaard transformed back into his original form and challenged Sturm to battle, wielding his magical blade Thresholder. The warlord beat Sturm back and prepared to lay a mortal strike on his flow, when he was cut down by an arrow. The young Sturm discovered that it was Kitiara Uth Matar who had appeared in the ruins and killed Merinsaard with her bow, before disappearing into the night. In the wake of the War of the Lance, the name of Merinsaard would be lost to history, forgotten as a powerful figure that perished before the war even started.

Merinsaard was described as being powerfully built, with the body and spirit of a warrior. Whilst he was not elderly at the time of his death, his hair was stark white in color and hung down on his shoulders.


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