Meyer Seril (? - Frostkolt, 1 PC) was a former Knight of the Crown from Caergoth, in Southlund, who died during the Cataclysm in a fire at Dargaard Keep, becoming an undead skeletal warrior. He swears loyalty to Loren Soth in Fierswelt, 4 PC and became one of Lord Soth's most loyal and trusted knights. One of the many reasons he followed Lord Soth was that he provided food to his family when locusts descended upon their crops, destroying everything.

When Lord Soth returned, in a rage, from trying to prevent the Kingpriest of Istar from causing the Cataclysm, he was without Wersten Kern, Caradoc, and Colm Farold. Meyer Seril dies in the fires of Dargaard Keep when the Cataclysm strikes it, becoming an undead Skeletal Warrior.

As a skeletal warrior, he followed the death knight Lord Soth on the attack on Palanthas during the Blue Lady's War. It is unknown what became of him following the Chaos War when Lord Soth was isolated in Nightlund.


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