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Midrath was a human nation located east of Istar, south of Falthana, west of Seldjuk, and north of Dravinaar and Silvanesti. Midrath was a landlocked nation located in eastern Ansalon. The eastern border Midrath shared with Seldjuk was mountainous, and the northern and western parts of it were mostly jungle. The southern part of Midrath was plainsland broken up by mountains. The land is known to have occasional tornadoes. People from the nation are called Midrathi.

Age of Might

In the years 850 - 727 PC, Midrath was conquered during this timeframe by Istar, forming the fledgling Empire of Istar. Ismin and Gather also fell to Istar during this time, all of them becoming the newest provinces of Istar.


Following the Cataclysm Midrath was no more. Most of it was sunk by the fiery mountain, into the Blood Sea of Istar. Midrath makes up the islands of present day Mithas and Kothas.


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  • Shiv


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