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Male Human (Midlander)
Classes: Com 4
Alignment: CE

Miklam Cavlin (Meek'-lahm Cah'-vlin) (3/9/361 AD – 6/21/383 AD) was the younger brother of Jermon Cavlin, although no one remembers him or his horrific actions. Born in the border town of Gef-throth, Bhadlum, Miklam proved to be inadequate in weapons training and therefore did not have the opportunity to garner the same praise his elder brother did. This in combination with a subtly mounting mental instability led him to begin to hate his brother, his parents, and even himself.

Treason Against Family

When Miklam was twenty, his father Derenta was killed in a minotaur raid. Knowing that his mother was originally purchased as a slave in Vjenor, he sought to destroy his own family. As he and his brother were agreeing to how to split their father's possessions, he tricked Jermon into letting him take 'what was left in the kitchen' in return for his father's horse. Jermon, being of relatively innocent mind and too trusting, agreed. Since there was a legal witness in the room, Miklam exerted his right of ownership upon their mother, Jurana Foles, who was in the kitchen doorway at the time of the agreement. Before Jermon could rectify the situation, Miklam took his things, Jurana included, and ran off. However he did make sure to uphold the agreement in full.

Since Jurana was in the kitchen doorway at the moment the agreement was made, Miklam removed the part of his mother not in the kitchen, namely her left leg. He cut it off while Jermon was arguing his case to the Gef-throth Fortmaster, left it in the house, and fled.

Days of Darkness

For the next two years, Miklam enjoyed tormenting his mother and fleeing from Jermon. By the time the Days of Darkness arrived, Miklam had reduced his mother to a breathing lump of catatonic flesh. When the creatures were attacking the world, trying to destroy everything, Miklam realized that never would the world be more to his liking. He broke away from fighting Jermon, grabbed his mother, and flung both himself and her into a shadow wight. They were both killed and all memory of them wiped from all minds. Jermon, who had been dedicating his life to rescuing his mother and bringing his brother to justice, could no longer remember the reason for any of his actions over the last two years. If it was not for the lucky arrival of Montegron, Jermon himself would had been slain and removed from memory.