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Mina (Mee-na) (Awakened: 404 AC) was a born of the joy of the combined gods when the world of Krynn was forged by Reorx during the Age of Starbirth. She came known to mortals on Krynn when she took the form of a human girl. When she washed up on the shores of Schallsea, near the Citadel of Light, she was adopted by the great Hero of the Lance Goldmoon. During the war she rode on a blood-red horse named Foxfire. Mina was awarded the titles of Dragonslayer and Savior of the Silvanesti by the elven king Silvanoshei Caladon.

Mina used to have long dark red hair, but one day her One God told her to cut it all off because she cared too much for her looks. So following the orders of her god, Mina shaved all her hair off close to the skull. Mina also has high cheekbones, a sharp chin, large, deep-set amber-colored eyes, tall, and physically fit. Mina knew how to speak at least the Silvanesti dialect of the Elvish Language.

Early Life[]

When born in the Age of Starbirth, only Paladine, Mishakal and Majere witnessed the arrival of the new god of light. However they knew that this would upset the Balance, so Paladine asked Majere to send her into a slumber and hide her away, rather than let this radiant being be destroyed. Majere took Mina to the depths of the ocean, where he rocked her to sleep and placed her in an eternal peaceful slumber. However when Takhisis stole the world, this all changed. The Dark Queen detected the slumbering god-ling, found the girl and awakened her in 404 AC. She then sent the girl to wash up on the shores of Schallsea, amusing herself that the child that would conquer the world for her, would be brought up by a mortal follower of Mishakal.

The story that circulated of Mina's arrival on Schallsea, was that all records and family members were thought to have been lost in a shipwreck, which caused Mina to wash up on the shores of Schallsea in 413 AC at the age of nine. A local fisherman found her lying on the beach of Schallsea and ran to get help. When the group of people arrived to get her, Mina woke briefly and she was taken to the orphans’ home at the Citadel of Light. It was Goldmoon herself who named the mysterious girl "Mina", and took her in as her adopted daughter.

Over the years though, Mina came to become a true daughter to the great Goldmoon, living a pampered and easy life in the Citadel of Light. Every night, before Mina would go to bed Goldmoon would brush her long hair. Goldmoon would tell her the stories of the old gods and how sad she was that they were gone. Mina vowed to help her mother out by finding the true gods and bringing them back to the world of Krynn for all.

Then in about 418 AC at the age of fourteen, Mina heard the call of the voice again, the first being when her ship was sinking. The voice was the one that was responsible for saving Mina from the shipwreck, and singing to her as she was sent to Schallsea. The voice told her that it was a god and to seek her out so she could come into the world of men. Eventually Mina finds this god and finds out it calls itself the ‘One God’, and spends the next three years learning in this god’s presence before bringing word of this god back to the world.

War of Souls[]

In the summer of 421 AC, a great storm came to Krynn that caused much destruction. From this storm, Mina was returned to the world, arriving in Gamashinoch, which is near the Neraka Valley. There she met a patrol of Knights of Neraka then led by Galdar, following the death of Talon Leader Ernst Magit in the Great Storm. At first she was not accepted when she said she wanted to join, but she healed Galdar of his missing right arm. He quickly swore fealty to her and made her his commander, along with the rest of the troops with him. Mina then picked up Ernst Magit’s fried armor and re-formed the armor to fit her body. The symbol on the breatplate became a skull sliced in two by lightning. It was also noted that she wore a silver medallion with no markings on it.

Mina admits to Galdar that she has never trained in weapon use. Galdar teaches her the use of a morning star and shield combination, and in just two hours, Mina was able to fight with both to a good degree.

Mina then led her troop to Sanction, where she had her troops and another officer named Samuval fight the Dark Knight’s own troops in turning a route into a victory. This only resulted in the Solamnic Knights being holed back up in Sanction, but the Dark Knights weren’t routed for this. The Dark Knights all praised Mina and swore to follow her. She also ordered General Dogah to send his troops to Silvanesti rather than Sanction.

Silvanesti Conquest[]

Mina led her troops to the ancient elven nation of Silvanesti, which had the Silvanesti Shield around it to protect it. She was able to bypass the shield thanks to the One God again, and march straight to the elven capital. She was able to take over the nation with little effort and the help of the new Speaker of the Stars Silvanoshei. Mina then assists him in taking down the Silvanesti Shield and destroying the great Cyan Bloodbane who was in hiding in the nation. Mina then helped heal Silvanesti Elves that were afflicted by sickness from the Shield, and preached about her One God while doing so hoping to start converting some of the Silvanesti to the worship of the One God.

Silvanoshei gives Mina a ring that he thought would make her love him, but it happened to have been planted in his room by an agent of Morham Targonne. The ring was poisoned so that when someone would wear it, they would die within a matter of seconds. Mina knew of this trickery, and took a potion to fake her death to flush him out. Mina put the ring on, and she ‘died’.

Lord of the Night Targonne was summoned to attend her funeral, which he did. At the funeral it was revealed that Targonne was the one who had her poisoned. She orders Galdar to behead the Lord of the Night, and she took the title, assuming complete authority over the Dark Knights.

Confrontation with Khellendros[]

Following her victory, she briefly visits with the great Blue Dragon Overlord Khellendros at his lair. She offers him to join with her in the conquest of the world, but he refuses breathing his lightning breath weapon on her. She turns his lightning back on him and mortally wounds him. She leaves him for Malystryx to come and finish off so she could return to her conquest of Ansalon.

Attack on Solanthus[]

Mina led her Army of the Dead on an attack on the great-fortified city of Solanthus next. She confused the Solamnics based there, fore when they charged out of the city to attack this ghost army, her army dropped into the city on dragonback, taking the city from them while sending the Solamnics on their way after locking the city to them.

Tower of Nightlund[]

Mina traveled to the Tower of Nightlund to confront the worlds two greatest wizards, Dalamar Argent and Palin Majere. She finds them in the Chamber of Seeing and kills both of them when she threw a spear made of magic at each of them. She then raises them back up from the dead by animating their bodies and attaching their souls to that body. Orders them into the wagon with the encased body of Goldmoon.

Confrontation with Lord Soth[]

Mina goes to the dreaded Dargaard Keep in Nightlund to ask the Death Knight Lord Loren Soth if he would be willing to join with her and lead her undead armies. Lord Soth declines, stating that Takhisis had left him alone for too long and he is at peace. Mina even tried to charm the Death Knight, but to no avail. In anger, Lord Soth was destroyed by the power of Takhisis.

Siege of Sanction[]

Mina arrived outside of Sanction before the Festival of the Eye. She calls up her Army of the Dead again to destroy the defenders, and she marches her army in triumphantly, lifting the Siege of Sanction. Eventually word spread that the city had fallen, and everyone on Ansalon heard of this very quickly and armies began to march on the city.

Mina then stole Skie’s, Beryl’s, and MalysSkull Totem from their lands, bringing all the skulls back to Sanction and erecting the skulls into one huge totem there. Malys was very angry with this and declared that she would destroy Mina and the entire city. When word arrived of the great red Malystryx was on her way to Sanction to attack, Mina decided to ride on a bone dragon to battle the red. Galdar wanted to go with, but Mina would not allow him to ride with her. Instead he had to find his own dragon to ride with her, which he did in Marshal Alexius Medan's former mount Razor.

Together Galdar and Mina flew out from Sanction to meet Malys in battle, Mina knew this was her time to show the One God how much she loved the god. During the ensuing battle, Malys struck down Mina and Galdar called to Takhisis to save Mina for all the work she had done for the god. Takhisis then joined with the bone dragon to continue the attack on the large red. Together with her god, Mina was able to kill the large red, but was buried under the weight of the oversized dragon upon crashing to the ground. Galdar dug Mina out from under Malys’ body and was able to nurse her back to health.

Dark Queen’s Return[]

Mina had the Temple of Duerghast refurbished to hold a grand ceremony for the return of Takhisis to the world. She had to speed up her ceremony and had to have it the day she heard that the silver dragons and gold dragons were freed. Those dragons were speeding towards Sanction to stop this ceremony, bearing Solamnics and elves on their backs. While the Battle of Sanction took place around the city, Takhisis held court of all the major leaders of Ansalon to gloat in her return to Krynn. In her highest moment though, Paladine took the greatest sacrifice that could be asked of a god, to give up his godhood. Takhisis didn’t know this until a council of the gods arrived, and Silvanoshei killed Mina’s beloved god with a broken dragonlance. Mina then in turn takes Takhisis’ sword and kills Silvanoshei with it. Mina vowed to Paladine, now Valthonis that she will kill many elves to pay for the death of her goddess. She then leaves with the body and Galdar went with her.

Post War of Souls[]

Following the war in 422 AC, Mina went and buried Takhisis in a concealed tomb. Galdar arrived after praying to Sargas to allow him to find her and assist her. For this, he had to agree to assist Sargas in the conquest of Silvanesti, which Galdar did quickly. While there, a new god came to her named Chemosh, asking her to join with him. Mina at first tried killing herself with Galdar’s knife, but Chemosh melted it. Chemosh touched Mina and she felt desire for the first time. Takhisis had suppressed this emotion from her before. Mina quickly agreed to serve this new god in exchange for power over life and death and for his love. Mina also realized that she was grateful that Silvanoshei killed the Dark Queen, and for this personal shame, she killed the elf king.

Her first task assigned to her was to get a Death Knight named Ausric Krell back to Chemosh from Zeboim. She then sailed off to Storm's Keep where he was holed up, using her experience as a sailor to get there. At first Krell didn’t believe she was there at the behalf of Chemosh and tried to kill her. Mina ended up defeating him by using an iron crowbar to knock his helm off. She brings this helm back to Chemosh and he received his Death Knight back.

For this, Chemosh branded her his High Priestess by kissing her over her heart and leaving the imprint of lips on her flesh. He tells her to go forth and bring followers to him. Her first known victim was a human named Lleu Mason, brother to Rhys Mason. She got him to commit to serving Chemosh, kissed him over the heart, and changed him into a Beloved of Chemosh. Mina then told Lleu to commence converting people over to Chemosh.

While Chemosh and Mina were down in the Blood Sea of Istar swimming, Mina apparently drowned, but in reality the wizards caught her in the Tower of the Blood Sea. Chemosh was tricked into thinking she was dead and left her in the tower with the illusion of her body back to his home. She was interrogated by the wizards Caele and Basalt Darkeye, and ultimately by Nuitari himself, who wished to know what power she held over Chemosh. Nuitari left the tower to converse with his fellow gods of magic, and Caele and Basalt decided to murder Mina. However during their attempt on her life, Zeboim arrived at the tower and distracted the pair. Mina was then able to wrest Caele's knife from him, and then called upon Chemosh for aid, who made two sarcophagi appear which the two wizards were forced into. Mina then left the main part of the tower, convinced the Sea Dragon Midori that she was a friend of Nuitari's, and entered the Hall of Sacrilege where she found herself trapped.

Nuitari entered the Hall of Sacrilege shortly after and released Mina, telling her to leave with Zeboim, who had bargained with Nuitari for Mina's freedom. Mina then left the tower in the arms of the goddess, who briefly took her to New Ports, to introduce Mina to Rhys Mason, before taking her back to Chemosh. Mina was reunited with Chemosh at Castle Beloved, however the god grew irate, as he watched Krell try to train his Beloved into an army, but the undead refused to listen. Chemosh was further surprised when the Beloved all fawned over Mina and grew suspicious over her motives. Mina then received a visit from Zeboim, who offered her a set of black pearl, telling her they would grant her heart's desire. On learning of the gift from Zeboim, Chemosh was no longer totally enamored of Mina, and asked Krell to spy on his lover and tell him of any suspicious activity. Krell trailed Mina to the Shrine of Zeboim, hoping to catch her in the act of betrayal so he could inform his lord.

Inside the grotto, Mina sought information from Rhys, believing he held the answers to her own origins, however the monk was unable to provide her with any information. She left dejected and swore to return to Chemosh, however the God of Death had already been provided with false information from Krell that Mina had been with a lover, and told he that he wanted no more of her, and that she was being sent away. A depressed Mina longed to fulfil the desires of Chemosh, by gaining the treasures contained within the Solio Febalas, and during this period of longing, something snapped within her and she achieved a sense of clarity. Mina was then faced with Ausric Krell, who had decided to try to murder her. However with newfound powers, Mina turned Krell into a mortal once more, and when he cowered in fear, she left her chambers. Wishing to make Chemosh love her once more, Mina then summoned the Tower of the Blood Sea from beneath the waves and made it rise near Castle Beloved. From her magical exertions, Mina collapsed and all the gods assembled before her, with Majere revealing to the others that Mina was in truth a god of light herself, who had been duped by Takhisis into believing she was a mortal and a servant of darkness.

Mina Reborn[]

With the gods all talking around her, a small part of Mina's consciousness was still aware, and much to the assembled gods' surprise, she leapt to her feet and into the depths of the sea below. She then was washed ashore near Castle Beloved, where she was discovered by Rhys, Nightshade Pricklypear and Atta. The companions were astounded to find that Mina had somehow reverted in years back to the age of six. She asked to be taken to Godshome to be with her mother Goldmoon and Rhys complied, much to Nightshade’s horror, knowing that Goldmoon was long dead. The group were stopped by Ausric Krell, however Mina used magic to incapacitate Krell before they moved on. However Mina then decided she needed a present for Goldmoon, before she could meet her at Godshome. The present she wanted was located inside the Tower of the Blood Sea.

The group took a boat out to the small island that now housed the tower, only to find the land was overrun by hundreds of Beloved. They swarmed Mina, but the girl drove them back with holy rage, and kept the Beloved away from the small group, they then entered the tower and met Caele and Basalt Darkeye. Mina then went down the tower towards the Solio Febalas, only to find the path to it destroyed. However she used her magic to transport herself, Rhys, Atta and Nightshade through to it, whilst the two mages trailed them. In Solio Febalas, Mina claimed several magical artifacts for Goldmoon, and used her magic to disable Caele and Basalt when they tried to kill the adventurers. Nuitari appeared, apologised to Rhys and Mina for his wizards and magically secreted them away for good. The companions made to leave the tower, only to find their way blocked by thousands of Beloved. Mina grew fearful and then after some prompting from Nightshade, seemed to remember the Beloved and was transformed back into her adult self. She used holy fire to destroy every single one of the Beloved, and then reverted back to a six year old, asking Rhys, Atta and Nightshade to take her to Godshome. The adventurers sailed to Flotsam, where Nightshade located a map which showed the way to Neraka, which he knew was somewhere near Godshome.

Outside of Flotsam, Chemosh appeared to the group and tried to convince Mina to come with him, however she refused. Zeboim then appeared and defended Mina and her friends, telling Mina that she would be able to use her powers to transport them all to Solace, where they could gain further directions on the precise location of Godshome. Both gods then disappeared. Mina used her powers to make the group all walk at extremely high velocity through from Flotsam to Solace in a single day. In the temple of Majere, the group were set upon by Ausric Krell and his Bone Warriors. Krell laid Rhys and Mina low, but was struck by a mystic spell cast by Nightshade and knocked unconscious. Mina blamed herself for Rhys being incapacitated, and ran off so Rhys and Nightshade would not need to take care of her anymore. Atta and Nightshade pursued her, whilst Rhys lay imprisoned in the golden bands that Krell had wrapped around him. Nightshade and Atta quickly ran into Mistress Jenna, sending her back to aid Rhys in getting free of the bands and stopping Krell from awakening and killing the monk, before pursuing after Mina once more. The kender and Atta tracked down Mina outside of Solace, where they continued to trail her northwards, and on catching up with her, made her understand that she didn’t need to run away, as Rhys and the kender understood the danger of taking Mina to Godshome, but did it because they cared about her. Mina acquiesced, allowing Atta and Nightshade to travel with her once more, and hoping that Rhys would catch up. The trio entered a small forest and came across a house. On entering the house, they were greeted by a kindly woman baking gingerbread who welcomed them all inside. A short while later, Rhys also travelled down the road and entered the house, finding the trio fast asleep, and recognised the kindly woman as the goddess Mishakal. The goddess informed Rhys that he had to take Mina to Valthonis, as no-one else would be able to lead Mina to Godshome, and that she could direct the monk and his companions straight to the former god.

The Rise of a God[]

The adventurers found themselves transported by Mishakal near Neraka, where they spotted a minotaur war party, which they bypassed, and entered the valley of Neraka. In the valley, Mina transformed from a girl into a woman once more, and greeted Galdar, who had Valthonis in tow.

Mina appeared confused about events, asking Galdar to aid her in a fight that her forces won during the War of Souls. Galdar helped bring her mind to the present, and then showed her Valthonis, saying that Sargonnas wished her to strike down the individual who led to the fall of Takhisis, and claim her seat beside Sargonnas in the pantheon. Rhys in turn told her about Valthonis being her father, and that she was in truth a god of light, and Mina’s form changed once more. Mina asked Galdar for his sword so she could strike down the defenseless Valthonis. Galdar however told Mina that he honestly believed she should not take Takhisis’ place in the pantheon, nor kill Valthonis in cold blood. Wishing to have no more to do with the proceedings, the minotaur walked away, however Mina leapt after him, attacking the minotaur in a rage and beating him senseless. Rhys tried to stop Mina and was also beaten into unconsciousness and Atta was wounded by a vicious cut of Mina’s sword. Finally Nightshade then tried to stop Mina from attacking, but she viciously broke his neck, killing the kender.

With the death of Nightshade, Mina realised in horror what she had done, and transformed into a six year old girl once more, she broke down in tears over his corpse. Valthonis rose and offered minor ministrations to the three survivors, before he and Mina left, leaving the trio and heading towards Godshome.

Following the death of Nightshade, Mina told Valthonis of all the terrible things she had done and of the constant voices in her head. She said all she ever truly wanted to return to her eternal slumber, but that she knew that was now impossible. Valthonis offered to lead her to Godshome to resolve things once and for all, and she agreed. In Godshome, Mina took up the holy artifacts Sedition and the Pyramid of Light, offering them both to the obsidian pool and telling the gods that she would serve the Balance as a goddess, but one outside any of the pantheons, even the Neutral one, as joining any pantheon would disrupt the balance. She then departed the world and joined the pantheon in the heavens, leaving Valthonis to wander the world once more.

The Goddess of Tears[]

Mina's place outside the pantheons is served as the Goddess of Tears, bringing comfort to any who feel sorrow and come to her, regardless of their alignment. She was originally the goddess of Innocence, but following her corruption by Takhisis, and her later trials, the Goddess of Tears is her final outcome. Most of the gods in the pantheon accept and welcome her, except for Chemosh, who is opposed to her in all things. Mina dwells alone in the Ethereal Plane, rather than living with the other god, and refuses to accept clerics or worshipers. She does not grant spells to anyone, but instead sometimes directly intervenes on behalf of those who pray to her, though she is always mindful of the magnitude and nature of these, lest her actions disrupt the balance.


It is said she is very slight in build, thin, childlike, with a small crown of red hair, and is very short according to a minotaur.


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