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Minnow-Tyrant (? - ? AC) was a male blunt-nosed dolphin. His skin was gray and half his body was covered in scar lines. The scars formed a living map of ocean currents.

Post War of Souls[]

After the gods return in 421 AC, the Dargonesti Elves sent out expeditions to map the new ocean currents caused by the return of the three moons. The expedition was lead by Quayseen and included Veloxua, Brysis, and Minnow-Tyrant. Veloxua was the cartographer and she mapped the new discoveries onto Minnow-Tyrant who had been trained to return to Istar if something happened to the expedition.

On the expedition they mapped many things from the Blood Sea down south past Habakkuk's Necklace into the Bay of Balifor including the Ice Spear, the Salt Wound, and most importantly they discovered the World Gash. After discovering the World Gash, Minnow-Tyrant was sent back to Istar while the Sea Elves investigated. Unfortunately, Minnow-Tyrant was so close with Brysis that he did not want to leave her and returned. There was an eruption and Quayseen had to sacrifice himself to save Minnow-Tyrant from falling debris.

After the elves warned Istar and Watermere of the World Gash, Brysis, Veloxua, and Minnow-Tyrant returned for two more expeditions to it. On the third, twelve Dargonesti were lost. Brysis was guarding camp that day and so was untouched by what killed most of the expedition and greatly affected the two survivors: Minnow-Tyrant and Veloxua.

Minnow-Tyrant was later sent to Takaluras so his map could be copied. There he showed signs of a Stigmata Curse because he bore the image of the World Gash. The curse caused him pain. It is unknown what happened to him after that.


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