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The Minotaur Empire is located east of Ansalon, and now branches down into Silvanesti which has been renamed Ambeon. The Courrain Ocean sea realm end of it consists of over thirty islands, all in varying population and size. They also have a few minor colonies located at the very northeastern part of Kern.

Chaos War

During the Chaos War, Minotaur Emperor Chot es-Kalin allowed for the Knights of Takhisis to come into the Blood Sea Isles. He stopped minotaurs from attacking them, wanting to establish a foothold on Ansalon, which they did with Sargonath. They had to fight off an invasion by the Magori, who came out of the Blood Sea. Aryx de-Orilg, along with the Sword of Tears, were able to defeat the magori and the Coil that was a Chaos Creature leading them. Following the war, the alliance with the Dark Knights ended.

War of Souls

During the War of Souls, the then Minotaur Emperor Hotak de-Droka ordered his legions to begin their invasion of Ansalon with their allies from Kern and Blöde. His legions invaded the elven nation of Silvanesti while the Dark Knights held it for Mina. The minotaurs quickly seized the capital of Silvanost and began their colonization of the land, first by renaming it to Ambeon.

The settlers and legions quickly began their expansion of the forest, creating a series of roads and settlements followed by forts along the northern border of the forests to stop elves or their former ogre allies from an easy invasion. Even while this was all going on, another rebellion was forming in the Empire.

Faros' Rebellion

A minotaur by the name of Faros Es-Kalin led a rebellion of former minotaurs who had been political enemies of first Hotak, and then following his death his son Ardnor de-Droka became the next emperor. These rebellious minotaurs were from slave camps located in the ogre lands, whom all had been given to the ogres in exchange for an alliance. Faros led his fellow slaves against the ogres, slaughtering them, and even a few minotaur legions also.

Eventually, Faros and the rebels make it to Mithas and attack the capital. There they overthrow the corrupt Ardnor and his mother Nephera de-Droka. Faros becomes the next Emperor as declared by Sargas, and takes a new wife in Empress Maritia de-Droka, Hotak's daughter.

Minotaur Empire Today

The Minotaurs continue to colonize Ambeon, making the elves that still live their submit to their will. The Lioness has led a few unsuccessful attacks against the former elven homeland, but the minotaurs easily crushed these attacks. Other nations have not banded together to drive the minotaurs from the continent all being too involved with their own problems at the moment.





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