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The Mire is a cursed, floating seaweed island and ship graveyard that is in Blood Cup of the Blood Sea. The island is a mile wide and has a permanently surrounded by fog. If the curse that created the Mire is lifted then it would fall apart.

Age of Might[]

A number of years before the Cataclysm, a druid of Chislev named Migerna fell in love with an Istaran sailor. The sailor later was lost at sea on the Courrain Ocean. Migerna asked her goddess for help but Chislev would not bring back her lover. Migerna then turned to Zeboim. Zeboim agreed to help in return for Migerna’s first born. Migerna agreed and her love returned to her.

Years later Migerna gave birth to a daughter. Zeboim sent a shark messenger for the child, but Migerna refused to give up her daughter. The sea goddess then sank a ship in her fury. Migerna still refused to give Zeboim her daughter. The druid, with her daughter, ran inland to the forests of Mithra. There Migerna asked Chislev for help. Chislev agreed to help but told the druid that Zeboim will always want her daughter. The goddess then changed the druid and child into a tree.

Age of Despair[]

During the Cataclysm, much of the eastern part of Ansalon sank and became the Blood Sea. Zeboim could not penetrate into Migerna’s Grove but eventually her seaweed lifted the grove to the surface of the water. The seaweed continued to grow around the grove forming a seaweed island cloaked in fog.

The fog caused Mariners to get shipwrecked on the island. Once on the island the residual feelings from Migerna would cause sailors to become Lacedons.

War of the Lance[]

By the time of the War of the Lance there were about twelve ships stuck in the Mire. It was inhabited by various undead, a Giant Sea Slug, and a giant crayfish. Some Dimernesti Elves and a couple Hippocampi even lived there for a time.

Locations in the Mire[]