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Mirielle Abrena (ca. 364 AC - Yuletide, 420 AC) was a Knight of the Skull who single-handedly kept the Knights of Takhisis together following the Chaos War. Following the death of her loyal mount Cerium in the duel with Sara Dunstan, she gained herself a new mount and loyal companion in Darisyll. Her personal sword was the Longsword Clawed Victory.

Mirielle in 386 AC was tall and lithe, with an ageless face with no lines or wrinkles on her even features. She moved with leonine grace and was beautiful as a lioness is beautiful. Her eyes blaze a brilliant blue and were as hard and calculating as a predator's, she had short-cut gold hair, and a strong-boned head.

In 414 AC her curly, neck-length blond hair had streaks of silver in it. She had sharp facial features with a small, hawkish nose, and she had muscular, taut, unblemished ruddy skin.

Chaos War[]

Mirielle was a part of the original founding of the Knights of Takhisis. She was ordered to attack Northern Ergoth by Lord Ariakan in 383 AC, but met stiff resistance. Mirielle was never able to take over the island nation, but once she heard that Ariakan was dead, she got on her loyal mount Cerium and left the assault on the Solamnic fort at Gwynned. Mirielle and her loyal officers all left Northern Ergoth to return to Neraka to assert her claim as leader of the Knighthood.

Rebuilding the Dark Knights[]

Following the end of the Chaos War, Mirielle took command of the Knights of Takhisis as the Lord of the Night. She put the call out across Ansalon for all Dark Knights to return to Neraka. She also attended the first Council of the Last Heroes, and she demanded that the Knights of Takhisis be granted land on Ansalon for their part in the Chaos War. Mirielle also put her former commanders from her wing in positions of power to have the loyalty of her commanders that she can trust.

In 386 AC, a Dark Knight by the name of Sara Conby shows up to assist Mirielle in the training of new Knights. Shortly after arriving, Sara saves Mirielle's life from an assassin. By the winter, Mirielle attains full control over Neraka and was given the title of Governor-General by the city elders, though it is rumored that she gave herself this title.

Eventually, Mirielle finds out that Sara is really Sara Dunstan. Sara demands the right of trial by combat. In the ensuing battle between Mirielle and Sara, Mirielle is defeated and her left arm was broken in the process and her mount Cerium plummeted to his death during the dual. Mirielle agreed to free Sara's knights and fly them to Solace, freeing them from the knighthood, but vowing that she would hunt them down.

The Knight of Solamnia's Grand Master Lord Gunthar Uth Wistan in 392 AC, made an offer to Mirielle to combine the two knighthoods together for the betterment of all on the continent. Mirielle publicly went along with this, but secretly she was planning on taking over both knighthoods. She claimed to have been planning on this same proposal before Lord Gunthar sent it to her. When the Dark Knights tried to seize power, a battle ensued between the two and has been in constant battle since.

The Vision "returns" to the Knights of Takhisis in 398 AC. This returned after three Knights of the Skull were sent by Mirielle to the Citadel of Light to learn new Power of the heart. With this, Mirielle could now fake the Vision to the new Knights of Takhisis.

One other thing of note, is that Mirielle wanted to build a fortress near the location of the old Temple of Takhisis in Neraka, but the Song of Death dissuaded the work crews from continuing their work. She settled for building a capital city to the north of the Nerakan valley.

Fall of Mirielle[]

Eventually, Mirielle reign of the Dark Knights had to come to an end. When Mirielle first found out that Morham Targonne was trying to take over the Dark Knights, she scoffed at the thought of a bookkeeper challenging her to single combat. Targonne, though, didn't play by honorable rules.

Targonne had someone poison Mirielle's meat, and she died shortly after consuming the meat. In death, according to Mina, Mirielle was punished by Takhisis for giving out false Visions to the Dark Knights, and was serving the "One God".

Kender Tales[]

Some say that Mirielle had golden-brown eyes, but in all actuality she had blue eyes. Another source states that she died on February 26, 421 AC, but she was killed at Yuletide.