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Solomirathnius (c. 1084 PC - ?) is a male silver dragon guardian of the Citadel of Light. His body is covered in shiny scales that led the mystics of the Citadel to call him Mirror. He also bears many scars from his battles including the tip of his tail being severed and a jagged scar across his sightless eyes. Before the loss of his sight he would often take the form of a giant eagle.

There are rumors that Mirror might actually be The Sage, but these have never been substantiated.

Citadel of Light[]

In 398 AC, Mirror was battling a wing of black dragons from Onysablet's realm. They had ambushed him and he had taken server injuries including the loss of the tip of his tail. Mirror used the last of his magical energy to teleport to Schallsea. He luckily landed near Goldmoon and a group of mystics. She and the others managed to heal Mirror before the evil dragons arrived. Mirror managed to kill three of them and drive off the others.

After the battle, Goldmoon offered Mirror a place at the Citadel of Light so he could share his wisdom. Mirror thought this offer at first humorous considering Schallsea's tribal history with silver dragons, but he did agree to stay and protect the Citadel. He was given most of the top level of the Grand Lyceum of the Citadel to serve as his lair. It is perhaps because of his presence at the Citadel that kept the Dragon Overlords and the Dark Knights from openly attacking it prior to the War of Souls.

Some members of the Qué-Nal did not like Mirror's presence on Schallsea. They believed he was the Dragonlord of the island and did not like the idea that Mirror could subjugate them, though Mirror never did anything to interfere with the tribes on the island.

Other than his lair at the Citadel, Mirror kept several lairs across Schallsea. He would often roam the island in human form to keep in touch with the people he protected. His preferred form was of a young man with silver hair whose body is covered in many scars. Mirror would also take this guise when advising members of the Citadel. His favored spots to mingle with people in his human form were the Cozy Hearth hostel in the Port of Schallsea, Qué-Ash, and Linneah.

In 413 AC, Mirror 'transplanted' three dryads from the Desolation. They came to live in the Dryad's Grove in The Wilds on Schallsea.

War of Souls[]

In 421 AC during the night of the Great Storm, Mirror thought he heard a voice in the storm, but could not hear what it was saying. He flew far in the storm and when he got close to source of the voice near Neraka he was struck by lightning and fell to the ground. The lightning strike permanently blinded him.

After Mirror woke up he took human form and searched for and found Mina. After speaking with her, he searched for other silver dragons but could find none. Mirror then decided to see his enemy Khellendros for answers. Mirror found Khellendros dying after being attacked by Mina. Mirror needed answers so he managed to use his magical skills to partly heal the blue dragon. Khellendros told Mirror the truth that the One God was really Takhisis and she had managed to steal Krynn during the Chaos War. He also told Mirror of the part he played in planning the stealing of the world. Then to pay his debt to Mirror he told him how during the Great Storm the other silver dragons and gold dragons heard the voice and tried to leave Krynn to find the Gods. It was a trap, and Takhisis imprisoned them. Later Malystryx arrived and killed Khellendros. Mirror then met the blue dragon Razor. After revealing what he had learned from Khellendros, they decided to travel together.

Razor and Mirror traveled to Sanction and formed a plan to destroy the skull-totem that Mina had amassed. Before they did, Razor decided to help Galdar and together go into battle against Malystryx. Left to the original plan, Mirror cast a chain-lightning spell on the totem, destroying it. A mob found Mirror and attacked him. Odila Windlass stopped the mob and together they escaped.

Together they went to talk to Solamnic Knights. They then met up with Tasslehoff Burrfoot and Gerard uth Mondar. Tasslehoff knew where the other metallic dragons were imprisoned and using the Device of Time Journeying they teleported to the moon. Together they freed the good dragons from their prison and together returned to Krynn.

They arrived in time to save the elves in the Battle of the Valley of Fire and Ice. After the battle, they left to fight in the Second Battle of Sanction of the war. Once the battle was over and the war won, Mirror and Odila decided to go together and fight against the minotaurs in Silvanesti.

Post War of Souls[]

Mirror eventually returned to the Citadel of Light with Odila. Odila became a Cleric of Mishakal and Mirror continued in his role of as guardian of the citadel.

Other Names[]

Mirror is also sometimes referred to by the title Guardian of the Citadel of Light.


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