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Mishakal (mish-uh-kul) is goddess of healing and restoration, both in body and in the spirits of mortals. She is also patron of motherhood, and seeks to restore those things that were lost. She is also goddess of compassion and love. Her symbol is a the Constellation Infinity. Her artifact is the Blue Crystal Staff of Healing, which was owned by the plains barbarian chieftess known as Goldmoon.

The Secret God[]

During the forging of the world of Krynn during the Age of Starbirth, all the combined gods felt pure joy. Out of this joy was born a radiant being, however only Paladine, Mishakal and Majere witnessed the birth of the young godling. However they knew that this would upset the Balance, so Paladine asked Majere to send her into a slumber and hide her away, rather than let this radiant being be destroyed. Majere took Mina to the depths of the ocean, where he rocked her to sleep and placed her in an eternal peaceful slumber.

The three gods of good maintained the secret of the godling, who was awakened during the Age of Mortals by Takhisis and would come to be known as Mina. However ultimately Majere was forced to reveal the secret of Mina's origins when all the gods started asking questions about her strange origins and powers in 422 AC. Several weeks later, in the guise of a kindly old woman, Mishakal offered refuge to Mina and her companions, only revealing her true self to the monk Rhys Mason. She told Rhys that he would need to take Mina to Valthonis, who was the only one who could take her to Godshome and allow her to make the decision between choosing to follow the light or the dark path.


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