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In the far eastern reaches of the Plains of Dust, just to the southwest of the Silvanesti border lies the town of Missing City. The town itself is situated directly behind the ruins of an ancient elven city known as Gal Tra'kalas, which serves as a mirage of sorts and offers a kind of protection for Missing City against outsiders. During the Age of Mortals, Missing City became one of the primary bases for the Legion of Steel, and also the home of the brass Dragonlord Iyesta, who ruled the eastern half of the Plains of Dust for some time. Over five thousand inhabitants live within the walls of Missing City, and it is comprised of four major districts. Whilst the Legion of Steel were always the dominant force, alongside Iyesta's local militia, the Knights of Solamnia also had an outpost on the outskirts of the town and also served the populace.

History of Missing City

Gal Tra'kalas was an elven city that resided on the border of Silvanesti before the Cataclysm. When the Cataclysm struck Ansalon, the city was wiped out and reduced to ruins, however later reports told of spectral figures amongst the ruins of where the elven city used to be. Soon enough the Plains of Dust formed and the sands consumed much of the ruins, and Gal Tra'kalas became a shunned place, known as a home of the dead. In the early part of the Age of Mortals, the Legion of Steel came upon the ruins and decided to create an outpost in the location and setup a covert cell. The Missing City was soon founded and the town was built alongside Gal Tra'kalas, however it was soon discovered that Gal Tra'kalas extended across the four districts of Missing City and the living and spectral inhabitants lived together.

Age of Mortals

A few short years after the Legion of Steel had founded Missing City; in 397 AC the metallic Dragonlord Iyesta arrived and claimed the town was under her protection, as she was the leader of the eastern half of the Plains of Dust. The inhabitants gratefully accepted her aid, as the only metallic Dragonlord on Ansalon. Even with the blue Dragonlord Stenndunuus raging at the border, with Iyesta protecting the town, there was nothing to fear and peace ruled Missing City for some time. However in 421 AC, following a powerful storm the spectral inhabitants simply vanished and Missing City was for the first time since the Cataclysm filled only with living people. The shortly after this Iyesta fell victim to Stenndunuus and a Tarmak army, before Stenndunuus fell victim to the manipulations of the Tarmak army himself, who guided the unwitting hero Linsha Majere. The Tarmak army waged their own invasion through the Plains of Dust and conquered Missing City, which they setup as their primary base. Over the course of the year, the Tarmaks fought against the local tribes and were eventually broken, however they retained their hold on Missing City and continue to dwell in there to this day.

Districts of Missing City

Buildings of Missing City

Shops, Inns, and Taverns of Missing City


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