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Mithandrus, meaning the Land of the Bull, was the first Minotaur nation founded by minotaurs on Ansalon in 3012 PC. The minotaurs dreamed of building their own empire on Ansalon.

Age of Dreams[]

Soon after the founding of Mithandrus, the minotaurs made the ill-fated mistake of invading the dwarven realm of the Kal-Thax Empire to the west. The dwarves fought back against the minotaurs and drove them back into the minotaur lands. The Dwarves then razed all of Mithandrus to the ground and brought back thousands of minotaur slaves. This in effect ended the minotaur nation of Mithandrus. The lands Mithandrus used to sit on what would later be known as Ambeoutin following the minotaur rebellion against the Kal-Thax dwarves in 2799 PC.