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Mitos (? PC - ? PC) was a former Minotaur Emperor of the Minotaur Empire, who attained the rank in 1543 PC with the defeat of Istar. Istar decided to invade the Empire to attain more trade routes, Minotaur slave labor, and resources. When an Istarian General by the name of Hymdall invaded the Empire for Istar he quickly defeated the armies sent against him and razed Nethosak to the ground. He then marched on Morthosak where Mitos leading a small minotaur legion met him on the field of battle and defeated him.

With the defeat of Hymdall, Mitos was able to ransom back all minotaur slaves with the captured general and Istar army. Mitos then had the Empire withdraw from the rest of Ansalon, most forgetting within a short time their art and Culture.


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