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The Moon Steps was a Celestial Ladder found in the Sentinel Mountains Northern Ergoth. It was along the southern border of Ackal. Only visible in the full moon light of Lunitari, it appeared to be a spiral staircase that hung in midair ascending high into the sky. It is believed that if someone climbed the steps that they would be taken to the home of the goddess Lunitari. Also, believed that worthy individuals would gain the knowledge from the gods and those not found worthy would be cursed.

Pre Cataclysm[]

An academy of High Sorcery was constructed at the base of the stair.

Post Cataclysm[]

The academy at the base of the stairs was attacked and ransacked by the Ackalites causing it to eventually be abandoned and forgotten.

Summer of Chaos[]

After the three moons vanished, the Moon Steps collapsed.

Early Age of Mortals[]

In 394 AC, A group of Citadel Mystics investigated the site of the collapse for evidence signs that the gods had returned and found it to be a site of arcane energy. Sorcerers find their spells easier to cast especially when the new moon is full.