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Moreen Bayguard (571 PC -? PC) was born the only daughter of Redfist Bayguard and Inga Bayguard in the village of Bayguard, Icereach. She was known to be just barely over five foot tall in a body that was wiry and compact, had black, shoulder length hair, and she can be very cold, aloof, and haughty in her mannerisms. It was said that she had her father's strength and her mother's heart.

In the summer of 553 PC, both of Moreen's parents and all the men, except some of the old and very young, were either killed or captured by ogres who were invading their lands looking for slaves. After the ogres left Moreen found herself chief of 60 people from her village that were left alive. Moreen led the survivors to the citadel of Brackenrock, with the help of an elf named Kerrick Fallabrine.

In the year of 545 PC, Moreen led the defense of Brackenrock against an attack by ogres from Winterheim. While defending Brackenrock, the ogres used the power of the Golden Orb to blast the gates of Brackenrock wide open. Moreen was caught in the blast, and a ton of gravel fell on her and destroyed her right eye forever. Moreen then organized a small strike force of Kerrick, Strongwind Whalebone, and Randall Graywool, to assault Dracoheim and kill the maker of the Golden Orb. Kerrick and Moreen did so at the death of Randall and the capture of Strongwind.

Following Moreen's return to Brackenrock, she organized about 412 Humans, one Elf, and one Gully Dwarf to make an assault on Winterheim and free the slaves and punish the Ogres there. Moreen and her warriors succeed in sneaking in from the back into Winterheim and freeing the slaves and overthrowing the ogres. Grimwar Bane, the leader of the ogres in Winterheim, joins his people with the humans in peace forming the Kingdom of Icereach, having Moreen rule over Brackenrock. Moreen marries Kerrick and together they have a half-elf son, Coraltop Redfist Bayguard Fallabrine. She is remembered throughout history until the Cataclysm destroys the Kingdom of Icereach, burying it under snow.

Some other names that Moreen was known by were Moreen Seal-Slayer, Moreen Chiefwoman, Lady Chiefwoman, and Lady of Brackenrock.

Moreen Bayguard

Moreen by Darcwulf.


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