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Male Hartdar
Classes: Ftr 8/MdG 5
Alignment: LG

Morgram Haspright (More-'grahm Hasp'-rite) (11/1/260 AD – current) was appointed Grand Servant of the Midland Guard in 385 AD after the original Grand Servant Linillae Asha was slain by dragon of unknown breed during a routine patrol in Diquantany. Morgram's loyalty to the Midlands and to Montegron was only superceded by his friendship to Second Protector Jermon Cahvin. Morgram was one of the original members of the Midland Guard who joined when Cavlin made his first tour of the Midlands shortly after the Days of Darkness. He also introduced Cavlin to Teransa Hathstone, a woman of local renown in Guiteger. Teransa not only impressed Cavlin enough to be invited into the Guard, but Cavlin were later betrothed and had a child (albeit after Teransa's demise).

In 406 AD, Morgram received word from his home in Drejor that both of his parents had taken sick in old age. With no other family Morgram resigned his post in order to care for them. His father and mother died in 408 AD and 410 AD respectively. Since then he has not sought to return to the Midland Guard and is, of all things, running a small bookstore.

Upon Morgram Haspright's retirement, Xaven Mythrilaxe was appointed to the seat of Grand Servant.