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Morham Targonne (? - 421 AC) was born into the wealthy Targonne Family from Jelek that had connections in the Knights of Takhisis. His family used to sell weapons to Takhisis's Dragonarmies then switched sides when her forces were losing. So his family then bought up what little agricultural land there was in Neraka, so they were the only ones who possessed grain and steel in the city. Days before the Temple of Takhisis exploded during the War of the Lance, his ancestors pulled all his money out and moved to Jelek.

As he grew older his appearance changed dramatically. While young, he was not as grotesque as he became older. When he was older he became a short and squat, small, balding man, with stooped shoulders, a slightly curved back, with a thin mustache and wore spectacles over some cold, flat eyes. He had an enchanted short sword named Night's Ambition.

He was a man always known to want things neat and orderly, but greedy and ambitious. Knights always knew when he was getting angrier, because that is when he would get nicer to that person. As he grew older he also stopped wearing full armor for the chafing it caused him, but continued to wear just a breastplate to suit his station. He also distrusted all dragons, and never kept a personal one unlike other high-ranking knights. He would prefer to travel on horseback instead. Targonne was also known to hate all Draconians.

Targonne also hated war because he feared this would ruin the economy and money going into his pocket. He also was known to stay up all night if there was a minor accounting mistake, and wouldn't go back to sleep until this was corrected. He would whisper the numbers he was writing down to himself out of habit.

Rebuilding of the Dark Knights[]

Shortly after the destructive Chaos War, Targonne joined the Knights of Takhisis and due to his family's connections was made a junior officer of Lord of the Night Mirielle Abrena. In this position he served as an accountant for the Dark Knights and became a Knight of the Skull.

When a Knight by the name of Sara Conby joined back up with the Dark Knights in the year 386 AC, he was very impressed by her. At one point when she fell into the pits in Neraka with the Horaxs, he ventured down on a rope to get her out.

As a Knight of the Skull he was promoted first to Lord Adjudicator of the Skull Knights, and later to Lord of the Skull by Abrena herself in a surprising move. Most thought she would pick someone from her old Wing as she had with all the other prominent positions. While as a Skull Knight, he studied in the art of mentalism. He chose this so he could not be as easily ambushed, rather than a more violent path in Mysticism.

Prior to War of Souls[]

For the next several years, Targonne obsessed over ways in which to have Abrena assassinated. Finally the day came when Targonne decided to seize power from Abrena. He had her meat poisoned just before a meal, and when she ate it, she died from ingesting the poison. No one knew for sure if she was poisoned or not, but it was highly rumored.

Following Abrena's death, Targonne seized the mantle of Lord of the Night, and quickly ordered the new capital of the Knighthood to be moved to Jelek. There he personally designed the new fortress for the Knighthood and oversaw its creation. To go along with the move of the Knighthood, he also renamed the Knights of Takhisis to the Knights of Neraka on Brookgreen 20th, 421 AC.

During his time as the Lord of the Night, he was also known to have skimmed the Knightly coffers for his own personal gain. He also sent most of his enemies to far off places of Ansalon where they would not be able to challenge him for the leadership of the Knighthood. He also had new coins minted with his head on the steel coin. He also kept good relations going with the Dragon Overlord Malystryx, and she was known to have kept him in high favor.

War of Souls[]

After the Great Storm ravaged all of Ansalon, a young girl named Mina became a religious leader of the Dark Knights. This caused many rumblings in the Knighthood, and Targonne began plotting a way to kill her. When the Silvanesti Shield fell, Targonne had a poisoned ring planted in Silvanoshei's room so when he touched her she would die and he would be blamed. Mina knew of this deception and took a potion prior to that to fake her death when Silvanoshei did touch her. Targonne attended her funeral, and while there she rose from the supposed dead. Mina ordered the death of Targonne and Galdar personally beheaded him for his betrayal, and Mina became the next Lord of the Night.


It was said that he took power around the years 418 AC, 419 AC, or 421 AC, but this is not true and took power in 420 AC.