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Morthur Dermount (? - 2414 PC) was an Ergothian Noble of the Ackal line and a cousin of Emperor Pakin II, who spent some of his time serving under Marshal Odovar in Juramona. A cunning and calculating man, Morthur served both the Ackals and [[Pakins (under the guise of Spannuth Grane) in order to further his own goals. He was described as being a slender and tall man, who had straight shoulder-length black hair, a small pointed beard and dark eyes. He had a thin nose and all the arrogance of a pampered aristocrat.

The Ergothian noble Morthur Dermount was a cousin of the emperor who rose to prominence initially due to his station in life. Growing dissatisfied with the empire and his distant reach on the throne of Ergoth, he offered his services to the Pakin Pretender, whilst under the guise of Spannuth Grane. As Spannuth, the nobleman became the most feared Pakin commander, and a constant thorn in the side of the Ackal forces. In 2421 PC, his true identity was discovered by the boy Tol, who reported it to the warrior Egrin Raemel, who served under Marshal Odovar. Egrin and Tol confronted Morthur about his duplicity, and the nobleman confessed that he never served the Pakin Pretender out of any loyalty, but only to help in deposing Pakin III and his kin, so Morthur himself could finally claim the throne. Using his magical skills, Morthur escaped from Egrin and Tol, and vanished from Juramona altogether.

In 2416 PC, Morthur was discovered once more in the Great Green, inciting the tribesmen to war against the Ackal forces. He engineered a plot in which tribesmen killed Hynor Ergothas, who was a cousin of the Emperor of Ergoth, and the war began. However when the Riders of the Great Horde crushed the tribesmen of the Great Green, Morthur again escaped justice and vanished into forest, eluding his enemies.

The persistent Morthur made one final attempt against the throne of Ergoth in 2414 PC, when he used his magic on the traveling party of Lord Enkian Tumult, in a bid to assume the place of Enkian at the palace in Daltigoth, to again gain command of the empire. However Tol was unaffected by Morthur's magic and confronted the nobleman. Sword to sword, the pair engaged and Tol was the victor, finally putting an end to the schemes of Morthur Dermount.


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