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Mysticism is the magic of life itself, strengthened by an individual's heart and soul. Mysticism is the ambient form of divine magic, requiring faith in one's self. It was once believed that Mysticism only affected living things or the spirits of the departed. There has been evidence since of mystics whose divine power affect non-living things as well.

The primary center for the study of Mysticism is the Citadel of Light on the island of Schallsea. The Citadel of Light was founded by Goldmoon, who discovered the power of Mysticism alongside the mysterious Sage in 388 AC.

Mysticism is also practiced by the Knights of the Skull, the Legion of Steel, and various minor individual centers of study.

Goldmoon taught at the Citadel of Light that the Power of the Heart was divided into categories known as "spheres." The spheres are as follows:


Magic of the natural world that affects plants and animals.


Shapes the form of living matter.


Increases the physical prowess of an individual by converting divine energy into strength, speed, endurance, etc.


See also: Healing

The Power of the Heart can heal wounds, cure diseases, neutralize poisons, and restore health.


Allows the mystic to increase his mental and physical prowess.


Read the thoughts of others, project thoughts, dominate another's will, and other mind powers, typically telepathic in nature.


See also: Necromancy

Allows a mystic to affect corporeal undead.


Allows a mystic to see auras of living creatures and understand what they mean.


The counterpart to Necromancy, Spiritualism is the divine magic that affects the spirit world and incorporeal undead.