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The Nabari, The Hated Ones, are what the Dargonesti Elves call the Koalinths that live near Watermere. Their territory borders Watermere, both Machunestoo territories, the Lacedon territory.

They hate the Dargonesti and have fought four wars against them. Two they did under the leadership of the Sea Witch Sagarassi. They also commence in raids with the merfolk as well, but a large cliff that separates their borders from the koalinths protects both the Sea Elves and the merfolk. Unfortunately for the Nabari they do not have anything that hampers the nearby lacedons from making raids on them.


The Nabari are organized into tribes. Each tribe can take the land of another in combat. The tribes are ruled over by the king of the strongest tribe the Blood-Frenzied Sharks. The last known king was Soobrahwn.

Known Tribes[]


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