Nador Ironfist (200 AC - 400 AC) was a Dwarf who had a short beard and mustache that were the color of cold ashes, a bad head, deeply lined face, and black eyes.

In 400 AC, he was forced into a partnership with Rurik Rustbucket when both of them attempted to take the same map from a market. It ripped in half, forcing them both to work together to find the treasure on the map. They hire another dwarf to come along with them to do the manual work, and head off into the Khalkist Mountains. The entire time, Nador and Rurik argued about who was better at what, and who's map was better than who's.

While they argued, their hired help continued to dig until he found the Silver Dragon Statue. Again, while Nador and Rurik fought about what to do with it, the hired dwarf turned into a Silver Dragon and took the statue. Before the dragon left though, it buried Nador and Rurik alive in a cave with no exit to leave the cave. This did not bother the two dwarves who continued to bicker and fight in there.


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