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Template:Infobox Nagas are strange snake-like creatures. A naga is basically a twenty foot snake with a human head. They are also very intelligent and quite adept at casting magic. They are also quite strong physically, and able to crush a foe in their coils when needed. There are three distinct types of naga.

Guardian Nagas are good by nature, and will often co-operate with adventurers they come across. They are greenish-gold in color and almost always speak the truth.

Spirit Nagas are covered in black and red bands, are predators and foul creatures. They will attempt to trick many people in order to get their treasure and consume them.

Water Nagas are bluish-green in coloring, live underwater, and avoid contact with most other races. They will attack only when sure of victory, otherwise they will flee from anyone and anything.

Nagas have no real organization or structure as such, although they do keep detailed histories of their lives and of their race history. Nagas only live in small groups, and particularly spirit nagas have been known to be the leaders of other less-intelligent races at times, such as Goblins.

The late Nura Bint-Drax was the most well-known naga. She was a tool of the Shadow Dragon who converted Dhamon Grimwulf into a Dragon, and was used to fuel a last attempt to inhabit the Dhamon-dragon's body.


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