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Nakaro Silverwake (? PC - 322 AC) was a Dargonesti Elf Warrior who became the first Speaker of the Moon following the death of Dohwarqh Kwahbrahb in 2 AC. It is unknown whom Nakaro married, but he had at least son Treyen Silverwake.

Search for Tideripper[]

In 12 AC Nakaro took a quest of faith in order to find Tideripper that Drudarch Takalurion lost in the war against the Koalinth. Nakaro traveled to the mountain range in koalinth territory; there he pleaded to the gods that if he found Tideripper would the gods heal his people. He received no word, but still felt that this mission had to be undertaken.

So for two months and many adventures, Nakaro found Tideripper and brought the sword back to Watermere. For this, the two gods Habbakuk and Kiri-Jolith became very impressed with Nakaro and healed the Dargonesti people. The two gods, along with the other four gods of good, began answering the prayers again of the Dargonesti clerics. Out of gratitude, the Speakers of Blood appointed Nakaro the new Speaker.

Speaker of the Moon[]

While Nakaro was Speaker, it was a relatively peaceful time. The Dargonesti were able to rebuild their cities and life returned to normal. He sent Apoletta to investigate the ruins of Istar and later chose her to rule it as the Steward of Istar.

After serving only for a short time as Dargonesti figure it, his son inherited the Speakership in 322 AC.


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